Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A confessional...

The pollen St. Louis has been so plentiful…and my allergies have been so fucked up...ummm, well…oh, fuck it...

A bitch is back on the real Sudafed.

I know!

My ass kicked the habit…I really did.



The real Sudafed makes my ears feel clear.




Worry not! The drama of being profiled as a meth chef every time I score a fix…cough…purchase some legal allergy meds (wink) will eventually get on my nerves and force another detox.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog. This question is a little outdated, from a few posts back, but why aren't you concerned about illegal immigration? Just curious. Would like to hear your thoughts.

lj said...

You should try Claritin.

Hattie said...

What a bummer. I hate allergies.

Joolya said...

I'm so with you, B. Sudafed is my hero. Not that fake-ass nouveau, doesn't get you high but also doesn't open the nares stuff; only the real deal for me. I just hate feeling like I'm going to the methadone clinic every time I go to CVS!

Anonymous said...

Try Claritin or Claritin D ('D' for decongestant). Works wonders for me and I don't get the funny head feeling that I get with Sudafed.

Shark-fu said...

Claritin ain't working, chil'ren!


Mayhap I'll try Claritin D...but not until my ass is done with this round of Sudafed (wink).