Monday, June 11, 2007

Who knew…?

His domestic policy initiatives may be falling apart…American prestige on the international diplomatic stage may be a fond memory …and most of the world may boo followed by hiss followed by cross thyself at the thought of Bush and his minions trying to “solve” anything…

…but they’ve got nothing but love for Scooter B. in Albania!



Maya's Granny said...

Part of it is his backing of independence for Kosovo, and I read that part of it is left over from Clinton, who was very pro Albania.

Anonymous said...

" . . . . . Tee Hee."

Anonymous said...

Please please please Albania throw a net over him and keep him pleeeze!

Jessi Guilford said...

Well come on, Albania. Maybe we'll let you have him. Make us an offer.

Anonymous said...

"Why Albania?"

"So, are we locked in on Albania?"

"Jim Belushi's Albanian?!?!"

"Albania, Albania ... it's hard to rhyme."

tee, hee, hee ...

I knock myself out. Fu, let's watch Wag the Dog when I get home.

"I can't believe we forgot the hero!"

"The B3 Bomber? What B3 Bomber?"

"I'm gonna go git drunk."

Good times.


Anonymous said...

from the sun article..."They're used to dictators" lol