Friday, June 08, 2007

A random G-8 pondering...

Almost everyone this bitch knows has been struck by that nastified flu bug swarming about, so a bitch isn't going to get my conspiracy on regarding President Bush’s summit interrupting stomach malfunction.

But the rest of yesterday’s G-8 gossip is still on the table! Specifically, a certain President Putin’s diplomatic surprise suggestion-based offering to share use of the huge Soviet-era radar at Gabala in northeast Azerbaijan with Scooter B.’s missile shield.


Oh, no he didn’t?

Oh, yes he did!

Mmhmmm, Putin and his crew caught the United States delegation napping…or was it puking their brains out…and tossed out some old school chess-like diplomacy.

Since the United States wasn’t prepared for polite conversation from Putin much less generous offerings and suggestions they didn’t have the wiggle room to reject that shit outright.

Now, Scooter B. and the minions will have to scramble to come up with a plausible reason why they can’t make use of Gabala.

A bitch is thinking Putin anticipates our refusal and plans to turn to the world and declare that America does not come in peace and truly was up to no good with the missile shield or they’d build it in partnership with Russia.

Oh my!

Add to that shit the move made by Team Putin today when they tossed out a suggestion that the missile shield be built in Iraq!


The seas of sorta-allied friendship have become rough as a motherfucker, y'all!

It’s no wonder a certain someone spent yesterday tossing up his mac & cheese…


Anonymous said...

Most definitely a strategic maelstrom
that "poor" George can't possibly
understand. . . .

roslynholcomb said...

Did anyone check the pres for polonium poisoning after his private meeting with Putin? I'm sorry, the way those old boys are throwing poison around I'm not even ordering Russian dressing.

G in StL Place said...

This is hands down the smartest comment I've seen today on Putin's switcheroo. Damn fine writing!

Huntington said...

Heh. These Europeans invented this diplomacy business, and make American efforts look like the amateur hour they reall are.

Anonymous said...


Well put.