Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time for a funk break...

Damn, a bitch has been busy!

But not too busy to pause for an ABB Funk Break.


C’mon, you know a bitch needs some funk to get through a Wednesday!

Stand up in work-based area...flip on appropriate music (today’s selection will be Parliament P. Funk Wants to Get Funked Up)…and then proceed to get down with your own bad self.

Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong.

Oh, hell yes!

Make my funk the P. Funk
I want my funk uncut

Make my funk the P. Funk
I wants to get funked up.

I don’t know ‘bout y’all, but this bitch feels a lot better now!

Mmhmmm…go on now!

Call my funk the P. Funk before I take it home


Jolie Justus said...

Oh angry one, we have more funk than we know what to do with on the west side . . . Check it out. He's the new man.

pat said...

Uh huh. Sometimes the words of Uncle George (as Afrika Bambaata referred to Mr. Clinton) can be just as inspiring as the beats. Here's a doozy:

""An attitude is all you need to rise and walk away.
Inspire yourself!
Your life is yours, it fits you like your skin.
Fly on, children."
from "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts" Funkadelic, 1974

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Wish I'd read this yesterday. I was substitute teaching a large group of squirrels. No, I'm sorry, I meant to say "6th graders." My mistake.

They'd just finished all their gub'mint mandated running through the and their beloved regular teacher had been out for 3 days.

We shoulda just bailed on our reading for the afternoon and got our funk on. We'd all been happier.

- bev, formerly the crazmomma

Anonymous said...

The picture. Thank you for the picture. It has saved many days from sinking into a gray world in which joy is not even recalled as being possible. I get happy every time I look at it.

I have to go listen to George Clinton now.

Anonymous said...

This post was cool.

Shark-Fu said...

What's up, Jolie J.? I'm gonna hove to check that funk campaign out!

Bev/Crazmomma...bless you! A half hour of funk-based dancing might burn off some of that energy too!

Another lurker...I know. That picture is the very definition of joy. on!

And thanks to you anon.


more cowbell said...

Whoo-eee, I am so streaming this now.

I used to be the only woman working with a bunch of men overseas. We worked hard, joked around a lot, and had fun. I had to keep 'em in line, but they were cool with that. It was a funky place.

Now my work group is middle-aged women (and 1 lone dude), most in the throes of menopause, in a state college library in the Pacific Northwest.

Goodgawd but we need some funk up in here.

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