Monday, April 09, 2007

Ahhhh, Monday...

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Honestly, this bitch thought Imus was dead, so imagine my surprise when hearing he had a verbal malfunction whilst on air!


Oh, whatever…like you didn’t think he was dead too.

Let’s just keep it real.

Imus is not my kind of radio…I hadn’t heard his name in forever and a day…we are so not tight (wince and perish the thought)….and he looks like he’s 395 years old (hello, ever heard of sunscreen?). So, a bitch was surprised he was still alive and able to say ignorant shit about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.


Now, as for his comments about those fantabulous NCAA Championship almost achieving (wink) women’s basketball players being “nappy headed hos”…cough…well, umm.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle nappy!

Have you seen the nest-esque mop Imus is sporting on top of his head?

Lawd, it’s almost enough to make Trump’s tore up from the basement up mess look fetching.


Clicking onto ABC’s home page and being confronted with a shot of Imus looking…well, nappified of head positioned side by side with a shot of Al Sharpton still rocking that relaxer…well, it made a bitch grateful to have lived this long.

But seriously, the ball is in NBC’s court and this bitch isn’t holding my breath on them doing the right thing. The network hasn’t exactly demonstrated a love for anything over profit.

How the hell do you think Imus got his job in the first place?

Mmmmhmmm, NBC is going to stand by whoever shows them the money.


Which takes me back to that pot calling that kettle names, doesn’t it?


BigAssBelle said...

i'm with you, miss b: who is this guy, is he still on the air somewhere? and what the fuck is wrong with him????

that being said, fuck this jackass. fuck him. he should be immediately fired, but he's not going to be because any publicity is good publicity in the world of corporate media.

and what is that thing on his head? looks like those permed white boy leisure-suit-searing loung lizards i used to see around in the '70s. they were waaaaaaay cool then, but it's over. just like this asshat. over.

Katie said...

Hey ABB,
I work in New York, and when I was out at lunch today there were people from the Rainbow Push Coalition handing out fliers in front of NBC. I took one - it says that Jesse Jackson is demanding to meet the president of NBC and he's planning a rally today in Chicago. I couldn't find a copy of the flier online, but the rallies are mentioned briefly on

Arch City Expatriate said...


That's all I have to say. Hilarious stuff.

Anonymous said...

What the heck... can't believe MSNBC just "suspended" him. What part of "fire his ass" do they not understand!

AOB said...

Imus has been spouting horrid racist filth for years. this is just waaayyyy overdue.

Someone should have sewed his lips together eons ago.

Anonymous said...

Must say...went to MSNBC's page and Imus is sporting some flowing locks today! Guess he wanted to cover up--or maybe UNCOVER--his own internalized hair issues!

Pandagon's got an interesting follow-up re: Cynthia McKinney controversy last year.

Anonymous said...

Imus is a jerk. However, as a woman who voluntarily wears my hair nappy, I am amazed that people seem to be outraged that he called the team nappy headed and don't care so much that he called them Hos. We are a strange people!!!

Feel bad for the team. Keeping this story going has certainly overshadowed their accomplishments this season.

I think I read that one team member said she would be scarred for life. I hope this is just adolescent drama. Imus is just not that important.


Homer said...

Mr. Imus, you are certainly the last person to be commenting on someone else's hair. I discussed this with Boltgirl and another co-worker. There is no-reason-on-earth that we can think of to call someone those sort of names, unless you have both bad manners and racist ideas floating around in your badly coifed head.

Anonymous said...

"However, as a woman who voluntarily wears my hair nappy, I am amazed that people seem to be outraged that he called the team nappy headed and don't care so much that he called them Hos."

Anon, I'm sure my opinion will not be terribly popular, but I believe that has a lot to do with some "brothas" believing what Stokeley Carmichael was quoted as saying -- that a "woman's place in the Movement is prone".

Think again if you think that all of us - and I include some patriarchal apologist "sistas" as well as brothas - are clear on the interedependency between sexism and racism. Denial is a powerful thing.

ABB, thoughts on yesterday's CNN press conference w/the Lady Scarlet Knights? And the *ahem* interesting questions some of the reporters asked on this very subject?

Melody said...

Barak Obama just stated that he thought Imus should be fired. Finally, a politician who's not afraid to state the obvious.

Anonymous said...

And in the event that my comment there is moderated out of existence, HERE'S what I said to those women at Pandagon who only take women of colors' issues seriously when they feel like it:


For Amanda (and Pam as well should she wish to review it)

- Do you remember an email you received requesting that you, as a well-known and respected progressive feminist blogger, file a comment/request with the FCC -- which any citizen, irrespective of their stance on "censorship" can do -- to reprimand Rush Limbaugh for his eerily similar epithets hurled at the female accuser in the Duke rape case?

I have to say that, in view of your response then (to paraphrase, "I won't do it because I don't believe in censorship"), I'm quite fascinated by the fact that Pandagon has elected to bring this incident to the attention of its readership now.

As a woman of color who has long been interested in how the "majority" feminist movement orders its priorities and decides what issues are "important" to pursue, based on this as a manifestation of the extrapolation I expected if this weren't nipped in the bud back then, all I have left to say is,

"I told you so."

Oh, and to paraphrase ... "I did nothing when they came for X; I did nothing when they came for Y; and when they came for me, there was no one left to do anything for me."

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one here has raised the issue of hypocrisy. Imus is a white man who dissed black women but black men do it every hour on the public airways in the form of musical entertainment. It's too bad that black people are tolerant of disrespect from blacks and go nuts over disrespect from whites.

Imus is gone and we still have AIDS spreading like wildfire through the black community, illiteracy, teen pregnancey, high school drops, young black men slaughtering each other, etc. Nothing has changed. I certainly hope a dialogue develops and continues about how we are portrayed by blacks in pop culture. Like MSNBC, we could do with some spring cleaning in our own house.

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