Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blue Grit by Laura Flanders…

This bitch was lucky enough to score a copy of Laura Flanders’ new book Blue Grit True Democrats Take Back Politics for the Politicians. I even got to chat with the author last week!


Faithful flock of bitchitude, Blue Grit is a must read!

I read it…I plan to gift it…and trust that a bitch will re-read too.

Laura Flanders cuts through the bullshit and narrows in on the relationship between what should be done and what can be done to bridge the gap between the Liberal masses and the Democratic Party. She went out and talked to real people…activists, politicians, political operatives and party people …and then connected the dots to show the potential within unity.

Blue Grit pulls no punches with the Democratic Party. But Flanders does more than say Liberals aren’t happy…are beyond not happy…are pissed off, fired up and disgusted (wink) with the party…she explains why and goes on to explain why that shit is toxic.

Flanders challenges the party to tap into the nuclear power that the people represent. Will the party answer the call and utilize the Liberal people power they are currently alienating? Will they listen to the locals…the folks on the ground…to new voices and new concerns?

Will the people be patient and wait for an invitation to the dance?

I finished Blue Grit reminded that politics is ours…that we the people can do more than complain about what is – we can change what is.

Will we? Yeah, that's the question.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share this with y’all…Blue Grit (The Penguin Press; April 9, 2007 ) is a joy to read and some serious Liberal fuel.

This bitch wants to hear what y’all think of it, so be sure to let me know.



BigAssBelle said...

do you think so? i find myself getting so discouraged, today especially. i have been urging everyone i know to visualize peace today, holy thursday, in keeping with a post i read at OpEd earlier today.

it just seems so distressingly hopeless at times. i think it's the huge disconnected between the attitudes and beliefs and feelings i'm getting from real people re iraq, v. what's actually happening in the political arena.

i've said this before, but it's as if the american people are in the back seat of a car speeding out of control down a dangerous mountain road. we're all screaming our lungs out while our fucking politicians ~ rethuglican and democrat ~ are asleep at the wheel. how the fuck do we get out of this nightmare we're stuck in? how do we get out of the fucking car and wake up the lying war criminals who are destroying the world?

Anonymous said...

Dear bigassbelle:

Try reading the book. I'm going to.


Anonymous said...

i sure would love a politician who took back politics for THE PEOPLE! democrats are a capitalist party, they represent the capitalist interests. always have. the dems have always whined about not getting to sit at the grown-ups table, and ignored the wishes of the people. at least the right wing calls it all for what it is by saying, "you can't serve business interests and the people's interests". so let's instead create a TRUE workers/peoples party... one that addresses racism, sexism and homophobia as tools of capitalism - divide and conquer tools.
capitalism only cares about capital, and until a politician, or author, admits that, it'll just be the same crappy reforms that've always been sold. and they're sold to us so we don't fight for the changes we need OURSELVES.

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