Monday, September 25, 2006


Okay...okay, that meeting between Clinton and liberal bloggers...the one that went down in Harlem and yet somehow managed to achieve a level of non-blackness unseen in that 'hood since The Cotton Club closed...pissed me off too.


This bitch was please to see this issue properly addressed by my fellow bloggers of color and had almost let it go and put is down as another display of liberals behaving badly...until it all came rushing back at me Sunday during Howie Kurtz's how on CNN Reliable Sources.

Howie, honey! A bitch was beyond disappointed that you failed to address this angle when John Aravosis from (who was at the meeting) was on your show yesterday.

Call a bitch. We need to talk!

Listening to Aravosis discuss his "half-swoon" over meeting Clinton made it clear that my issue with the Great Cotton Club Revival-Blogger Meeting of 2006 was that I was denied the access Mr. Americablog was given...denied and therefore taken for granted.

Since this incident made my afro hurt...and Howie didn't go there for me yesterday...a bitch is going to vent a wee bit.

Dear organizers of the blogger meeting with President Clinton,
Thanks so much for asking for my perspective at the recent meeting of leftish bloggers! This bitch can't tell you how heart warming it is to know that, when a meeting happens between liberal bloggers and a former president in Harlem, black feminist voices are always on the invite list!


Way to demonstrate that you get it!

This bitch hopes that this meeting can be part of the process of rebuilding the relationship with voting blacks that has been damaged by the liberal assumption that our votes are a given.


Yeah...that would have been nice.


If a meeting of liberal bloggers happens in Harlem without minority participation...did it really happen?



Fuck this shit!

The sad fact is that I'm used to having my say from outside the meeting...down the street and around the corner.

Did I hear an amen?

That's why a bitch is so loud.


What would this bitch have asked had I been invited?


Dear y'all,
Many of us feel that we have been ignored and taken for granted.

Do you feel that the liberal establishment is aware of minority voter apathy and concerned about the lack of black participation in the political process?

Oh, wait...y'all answered that one...


ben said...

"Did I hear an amen?"

One from over here.

AOB said...

No ABB invited? Well I guess we now know why the event was a total failure.


Littlemilk said...

Right! Like what the hell was that? In many ways it reflexs NYC and the politics of the rich in the wider world. It is a story in itself, that as the property prices go up, and people who were raised in Harlem can't afford to stay there with their new families because of rents and insane mortgage prices, this all white meeting is taking place in Harlem.

To me, the whole thing is funky and reveals the true nature of this New Harlem Renaissance that the bankers and developers pushed uptown clearing out traditional stores and leaving only what they thought "desirable" so Harlemites could have a Gap and Starbucks like "everybody else".

We will see.

Screw uhm.

MartiniCocoa said...


Lately, when I meet white liberals (bloggers and otherwise) I wonder how long it will take before they realize that I'm as smart (or smarter) than them and ultimately decide that we just can't be friends.

I believe that was the driver behind this meeting of certain bloggers with America's first black president.

How could they be seen as the smartest and brightest when so many of us know otherwise?

belledame222 said...

>How could they be seen as the smartest and brightest when so many of us know otherwise?>

Ooh, burn. but, yah. i mean, that T-Rex post: classic

"your betters." Mary, PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Girl this mess gave me a rash!


storm indigo said...

see...the truth of the matter is that everyone is supposed to be impressed that they even WENT to Harlem. You know gentrification is just a pretty way to stake claim to areas without really respecting the people who were there before you...beware diseased blankets (history does repeat itself if you don't watch).
I am not Star Jones got it right, all bets are off when someone finds out that you've connected far more dots and gotten a much better, bigger and more informed picture than they were able to comprehend. It's sad, and funny, to watch peoples faces fall when the realization hits that you bring more to the table.

ABB, we all know that you belong among the best and brightest...obviously that was not it.


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