Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just a quick reminder...

It seems that a certain President Scooter B. wants to remind this nation that we are at war.

This bitch couldn’t help but ponder just who he was trying to convince. My ass can almost see him chanting in front of a mirror…I will win a war today; I will win a war today.


Well shit, the fact that we are at war isn’t exactly news to most of the folks I know. And for the few folks who are unaware there’s always CNN’s latest programming nightmare This Week in War.

Yeah, something about that fixed timeslot makes this bitch think CNN knows something the masses have yet to be told.


Scooter B. wants Americans to know that we are at war and we’re fighting the terrorists and that our eyes are playing tricks on us and we must stay the course even though we’re running in a circle and that there are hundreds of thousands of fabillion trillion pro-fascist card carrying anti-American Americans lurking behind every tree and corner…and blah followed by blah followed by blah, blah and blah.

In conclusion – embrace fear…duck and cover…and fantasize about a kinder gentler tomorrow being denied you by the freedom hating, ever changing and politically beneficial thus conveniently resurrected every election cycle enemy of all born again, man on woman married, Christian Gawd fearing and flag waving Americans.

McCarthy would be so proud.

Next time they should just let Scooter B. go on vacation and run the file footage.

And Scooter B. clearly needs to dust off his minions and send them forth to baptize the formerly faithful again because Pakistan just tossed up their fair weather ally hands, said a collective 'fuck this shit' to the war on terror and struck a deal with tribal militants…again.

Sounds like Pakistan went off script…big time.

The deal?

Pakistan has agreed to stop monitoring the activities of militants.

The militants have agreed to “live like good citizens”.

Where’s a banner and an aircraft carrier when you need one…


soopermouse said...

so Pakistan have chosen to make a deal that is good for their land and people, as opposed to following the USA line.
Good for them.

Homer said...

How many times can I say Osama before I look like a complete idiot?

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