Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A bitch is going to resist wading into the sea of bitchitude that has erupted over Senator George Allen's recent...well, what does one call this...ummm, attempt at political suicide?

Whatever. The 'sphere has already gone there.

And this bitch isn't going to address the complete bullshit that was his media minion's spin based response. No one accidentally jumps from anything to Macaca. Shit, a bitch studied primates for 3 years and even my ass doesn't casually reference...





What I am going to do is say thank you to Senator George Allen of the Birth of a Nation Allens for bringing about a moment of clarity for this bitch.


Thank you for being such an unapologetic Confederate insurgency loving un-American rebel against the cause of freedom asshole that this bitch is unable to avoid the simple truth that the masses get the government we choose and they chose you...hellish horns visible and throw-back hatred front and center.

See, a bitch has read all manner of comments since starting this blog. But the ones that really piss me off are the comments that seem to indict 'politics' as if politics were separate from the masses...as if politics happened to people, like disease or a plague...as if citizens don't vote because they don't like the choices when anyone involved in grassroots politics can tell you that most folks couldn't name the choices to save their motherfucking life.

So thank you George Allen for wearing a Confederate flag in your high school picture, for hanging one in your motherfucking house (you unpatriotic shit), for displaying a noose...a fucking noose, you sick motherfucker...in your office and for dismissing any indictment of your loyalty to America's unaddressed insurgency by saying 'you've grown since then'.


Senator Allen, by calling an American of Indian decent a Macaca (admit it, you had to Google that shit) and then welcoming him to the country of his birth (someone was feeling a wee bit empowered by all that talk of immigration reform and sending 'them' back to where 'they' came from), was just doing what he does and being who he is.

Honestly, a bitch thinks he owes an apology to the bigots who voted for him for attempting to back peddle on his true convictions.

Talk about a flip flop.

It’s Virginia that has some explaining to do.

You get the government you choose and failing to choose is a choice. Government doesn't happen to us. It is born from us...the good, the bad and the ugly within us. And so it is Virginia that has some inner work to do.

Don't fret, my fellow Americans! Missouri had plenty of inner work to get to too. Our Governor isn't ashamed to display his Confederate loyalties either.

My goodness...those pesky militant insurgencies born out of ethnic hatred and built on a foundation of religious extremism can be a handful, can't they?


Suffice it to say that this bitch is never surprised to hear an oink come from a pig...


Christopher said...

Macaca should thank the stars that he is in America instead of Lebanon. Here he just gets insulted by racist dumbfuck crackpots. There he'd be getting bombed with the encouragement of our presidential crackpots if Seymour Hersh is to be believed (and I think Abu Ghraib showed us he is). I've got the link to his interview on CNN Sunday if you want it...I think we need to turn it into a viral video and show just how much trouble Dumbya is about to cause for us all.

Sorry off-topic, but Allen & Dumbya are just two peas in a rotting pod.

Geogrrl said...

I don't believe the "nickname" bullshit, either. What was wrong with just saying "That young man/fellow/gentleman over there." if he wanted to point him out?

flamingbanjo said...

The people get the government they choose assuming that they are presented with choices, that they are allowed to vote, and that all of the ballots are counted and none of them are, um, misplaced in the process.

Can you tell my home state is Ohio? Could just as easily be Florida, though.

Uccellina said...

Oh, he didn't have to google the term. It's a French term, comparing North Africans to the macaque monkey. Allen's mother is French Tunisian (Mérci á Wikipedia). He knew exactly what he was saying.

Anonymous said...

RBL here,

What in the world are these jokers doing using a _Belgian_ epithet? Wouldn't it for heavan sakes be easier for them to, you know, try to work through and give up their damn racism then spend all this time coming up with new code-words? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

lovely rant. This guy is a bully to whites as well, according to his sister, who wrote a memoir of growing up as a coach's daughter. Apparently Big Brother beat up on her. All-around evidence of bad character.

Dragon Lady said...

The part that gets me is that people behave as though they are shocked.

As if George Allen is the only politician to feel this way. I bet most of them feel this way, it is just that most know the purpose of a video camera.

Ann said...

Great post ...

You would not believe how many of my fellow Virginians are complacent with racism. The flag, the noose, the comments ... "aw, he's just a good ole boy" ...
wake up people. Get off your butts and kick this guy out.

Bendra said...

I read elsewhere that Allen's mother is originally from Tunisia. He knew what he was saying.

As for my current resident state of Virginia, they will re-elect him. But every day I meet more Yankee expatriates. These xenophobic, jingoistic, wingnut, Robertson-lovin' Fallwell-worshipin' bigots will get theirs.

Mr. Brian said...

When I read about openly blatant prejudice actions of elected officials of office, I have to thank the residents of my own WEST Virginig for finally learing to grow away from such self-damaging politics. Of course, everyone's prone to backsliding. I can only hope that it doesn't happen anytime soon, because we have a LOT of catching up to do to yet be considered progressive.

Terrence said...

How unfortunate and sad. The more things change, the more they stay the same. And don't even get me started on Baby Blunt.

Great post.

Laurie said...

You said it: political suicide. Too bad it wasn't the real deal, because the world would be better off without that Repuglican bigot.

First time here.. I'll be back :-)

Kaunda said...

I love your blog!

James Wolcott in his post "Turd On The Run" http://jameswolcott.com/archives/
2006/08/turd_on_the_run.php writes:

"And in Virginia [...] the man who henceforth shall be known as Senator Shithead."