Friday, August 25, 2006

Preparing for Why the hell isn't your ass in school? Day...

A bitch is ridiculously happy to see Friday!

Lawd, this has been a week of trifling assed shit and no home-training behavior.

Was there a full moon?

Or has everyone just lost their motherfucking minds at the same damned time?


Monday is August 28th and that is back to school day for the St. Louis city public schools.

St. Louis has a huge problem with back to school attendance, which a bitch has never understood. By the time my school kicked back into gear this bitch was all but begging to go back. Shit, a bitch went to summer school to avoid my home-based drama.


Those were the days.

Sigh again.

Where was I?

Oh yes…Monday August 28, 2006 is the first day of school in St. Louis city and the official start of Get your ass in School season up in my hood.

No, this is not an opportunity to rant about the school board. Fucked up school boards are not an excuse for kids not getting their asses to class.

And no, this is not an opportunity to fuss and fret about teachers…go to class and meet the teacher and then you can bitch about the real thing all you want (wink)!

Yes, kids need uniforms…no, that is not an excuse to miss the first day or week or month of classes. Call the school and explain your situation…and then get your child and/or youthful self to class.


Monday August 28th is Why the hell isn’t your ass in school? Day in St. Louis city.

Join this bitch and encourage our youth to embrace the joy of learning by asking them that shit if you see them out and about during school hours next week…


Gwen said...

So Chicago Public Schools aren't the only ones who struggle with this? :-)

As a high school educator, I started teaching the day school started, because even then, I didn't have enough time to get through my curriculum. I don't know why I bothered though because a)half the kids wandered in sometime in the next week and b)just as soon as I got all comfortable with my classes, the administration would start switching everything around, removing classes entirely, adding new subjects. It was insane! And not very conducive to convincing kids they needed to start school on time, either.

Still, I totally miss it. New pencils! And notebooks! And folders! Oh my! Can't wait until my kiddlins are old enough so I can get back to teaching ....

Anonymous said...

Amen, Sister!

Margaret said...

My kid is three and while grocery shopping this morning, 3 peeps confronted me with the "Why isn't she in school" question.

I almost cried thinking about the day I'll have to send my baby off on that big yellow bus.

Stopping by and saying hi. -Margie

Travis Reems said...

"Get your rears back in school," was the main topic at the two Back-to-School rallies held yesterday at the Herbert Hoover Boys' and Girls' Club on Grand and the YMCA on Page, sponsored by FOX 2, HOT 104.1, and Foxy.

Free backpacks, haircuts, school supplies and glimpses of Chingy were highly covetted items at the events. Dr. Bourisaw was on-hand at both, and shared with me that the school district sponsored event of the same name, held a week prior had 7,000 attendees. While there wasn't a count of the attendees at the two events yesterday, there were, by visual estimation, thousands.

Dr. Bourisaw's message to the kids (and parents) at the YMCA event was to "...turn off the TV, and do your homework."

When I went to school, we didn't have such large events, unless you count the mad dashing at Venture (that dates me) to get your supplies before they ran out, and the officially sponsored icecream social at the school.

It is good to see the community come together to help parents and students with the tools the kids need to be successful.

Drew said...

Just wanted to drop a shout out that I love your blog. Keep it up.


FriĆ°vin said...

Nice blog, bitch! I love it!

Antonio D. French said...

The final numbers are in... 72% of STL kids had their asses in school today. The remaining 28% spent the day teaching themselves Advanced Algebra while listening to Bach on their iPods.

See an interview with the superintendent here:

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