Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A quick dream-based confession…

Note to the uninitiated – a bitch’s dream based explorations are not based on reality in any way and should not be taken as reality, unless this wakeful state is really a dream and my dreams are reality.

Last night this bitch dreamed that I was a secret agent charged with saving the world from James O’Keefe.

I found out that he was in the midst of a video sting about how poor children are getting milk and a piece of fruit (gasp) through their government subsidized school lunch program.

I gained access to the lunchroom and when O’Keefe brought out his flip-cam to document a child drinking milk, I blew a lepatata horn in his ear.

O’Keefe shrieked, peed himself and then fled the scene while the children laughed, cheered and then got their nutrition on.

Then a bitch woke up.

And folks say those stadium horns aren’t useful (wink).


Bettina Krzysztofiak said...

Hello I have a question. Is this sentence correct ?

"how many of the world's sins tempts us to fulfill a dream ?"

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I mean really keeping food from children. There is a special place in hell for this guy.

JoyMama said...

LOL - OK, I too am glad to hear that the horns might be useful, at least in a dream world. As a World Cup newbie, I was actually hoping to hear some glorious South African harmonies sung by host-country fans... dare I say, BUZZZZZ, wrong answer! :-/

Anonymous said...

You may be too young to remember, but the Reaganites used those at the 1976 GOP convention to protest and make noise because Gerald Ford was getting nominated instead of their guy. They had this mournful, despairing sound and were finally banned from the floor (the horns, not the Reaganites unfortunately). So O'Keefe might actually get off on the sound.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE reading your blog! You crack me up, lady! Namaste

Adam said...

Did you hear about the time O'Keefe tried to crash a rally in St. Louis: http://stlactivisthub.blogspot.com/2010/02/newsflash-james-okeefe-is-not-nice.html ?

Kate C said...

Anybody interested in defying the O'Keefes of the world is encouraged to check out the Food Resource and Action Center:
http://www.frac.org/Legislative/action_center/index.html to support the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 2010.