Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oh, the agony of fubar and the limits of liability…

Okay, so now is appears that the massive oil spill that just keeps spilling will most likely not be shut off until August.  The best bet to actually stop the spewing is a relief well…they need to construct that motherfucker and that won’t be done until August.

Lawd, have mercy.

I can’t even look at the live video feed.

Anyhoo, now lawmakers in Congress are looking to lift the liability cap on companies like BP…that begs the question of why the fuck there is a liability cap to protect companies capable of producing disasters that redefine liability?

***cue crickets***

Rumor has it that the Justice Department is taking a look at environmental laws to see if BP can be held criminally liable…which begs the question – if we aren’t talking about tossing these assholes in jail why the fuck aren’t we talking about tossing at least one of these assholes in jail?

***bring those crickets back for an encore***


The sad reality is that financial liability, though beyond important given the scope of this disaster, won’t "punish" BP.

Not really.

BP is making mad cash even as I type and they will continue to make mad cash throughout the made-for-television-yet-not-really-expected-to-work public displays of trying something designed to distract the masses until that relief well is finished.

And even if we could toss some folks in jail for this shit, that wouldn’t do a damn thing to punish BP…hell, they probably already have some poor mid-level asshole marinated and prepped that they can toss under the bus if indictments are ever issued.


Mayhap Momma Nature could open up a massive sinkhole, like the one in Guatemala City that sucked in a building and is big enough to hide Lady Liberty, and just suck BP into the earth’s molten core?


Shit, there’s a better chance of that shit happening than BP finding their corporate ass with both hands and a GPS navigation system.



A.Smith said...

If this shit don't shut those "drill baby drill" fuckers up, nothing will and our country really IS going to hell on a rocket.

Meanwhile, you bring up an excellent point about how there's little we can really do to adequately punish BP. Fine 'em, jail 'em... it doesn't matter.

This is what happens, my dear free market friends, when you don't regulate people. There is such a thing as a happy medium.

Oh and that part in the law that says it's the President's job to make sure there's a plan if something goes wrong is RIDICULOUS. Who wrote that shit? So the government can't keep tabs on these idiots, but the government has to clean that mess up? GTFOH.

My biggest fear is that we will learn NOTHING from this. Per the usu.

Museling said...

I can't even follow this tragedy closely because of the sorrow it brings me. Politics aside, I truly wonder about the effect that this kind of egregious crime against nature has on the collective psyches of human being. When are we all going to get a clue that we're shitting on our dinner table?

Anonymous said...

If there are no laws to regulate and fine these people in a manner that serves to rectify and clean up these types of messes then we have real problems. August! My god! by then the entire gulf will be just one huge oil slick. It is amazing to me that this was not better regulated and it is not the government's responsibility to clean it up. I am tired of companies messing up royally and the government being left with the bill. Enough already! Not surprisingly, it is always the people who claim to want smaller government who turn around and want the gov. to foot the bill. They aren't even ashamed to bully this type of legislation into being. Deregulation it's great. It gave us Enron, bank failures, and now this.

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