Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lobby Day follow-up…

A bitch spent yesterday in Jefferson City getting my Lobby Day on! Congrats to the coalition of pro-choice organizations that gathered to lobby Missouri legislators to support prevention legislation. This bitch was impressed by the many first-timers who approached the day with passion and energy!


As I was riding the bus back home I monitored the PPMissouri twitter site and noted that a certain Rep. Cynthia Davis chose the day to add a pharmacy denial amendment to a piece of legislation. Rep. Davis, well know to Missourians for her illogical logic and public displays of legislative confusion, offered up the following declaration in support of her amendment to protect pharmacies from having to…umm, well dispense emergency contraception that they find morally objectionable…

"I have trouble understanding why anybody who is an American, who is not in favor of Communism, would want us to dictate what we're going to say people can and cannot stock.”

Yeah, she really took it there...and, since the amendment passed, that shit actually worked.

Rep. Mary Still (D- Columbia) offered this analysis... "This is one more weapon of mass distraction that we see at a time where we should be paying attention to the real issues of the state."

Which led this bitch to ponder how many locally owned Missouri pharmacies and businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water due to our state’s fubar economic situation while the Republican majority let Rep. Davis indulge in yet another public display of ignorance…this one being the protection of businesses over the rights of individuals all wrapped up in her latest attempt to resurrect the Red Scare.

Behold the reason why we the people must continue to lobby…

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rowmyboat said...

Communism? Huh?

I don't think it means what she thinks it means..