Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Many thanks to the great Tammy Wynette!

Shall we?

Senator Specter is divorcing the GOP.

Mmmhmmm, he’s leaving the Republican Party and joining the Dems (gasp) because what’s left of the GOP in Pennsylvania is planning to get their purge on through the primary and remove the moderate Specter.

Oh my, now that’s gotta sting.

‘Tis hard to get a handle on where the schadenfreude is coming from…the GOP’s inability to come up with decent snark-based spin statement about this divorce (come on now y'all, give your faithful something tweet worthy!)...the GOP’s willingness to let the party indulge in a quest for far right party purity (political consequences be damned)...or witnessing them turn on each other and rend flesh from bone in a frenzy that would shock a shark.

Fuck it, this is my kind of reality television drama!


IseultTheIdle said...

Specter left the democrats in the 70s? or so, when he considered the party had swung too far to the left.

He's a centrist, and he's willing to change his political affiliation to stand with the centrists. While I'm cynical enough to consider the practice of politics inherently corrupting, I still have to admire that.

He stands to lose a committee seat in all of this. The up side is that he represents his constituents more accurately.

And if Franken ultimately wins, this makes the Dems theoretically filibuster-proof in the Senate.

Rileysdtr said...

Welcome, Senator.

Gary said...

I think it's a good thing for the Democrats, and a devastating blow to the Republicans.

Sure, Arlen can't be counted on to vote a particular way, but that is true of his entire Senate career.

He is up the middle; middle-left some days and middle-right on others. And frankly, that is a pretty accurate representation of most Pennsylvania voters.

The fringe wingers are all that is left of real "republicans" in this state, and they would have surely voted for Toomey. Now Toomey (Makes Santorum look like a Democrat!) doen't stand a chance, and that is HUGE for both PA and the US Senate.

Arlen did the right thing.

TRUTH 101 said...

The right thing would be for the Democratic party in Pennsylvania to drop Specter and run a real, loyal Democrat against the right winger the Republicans will run.

Dusty said...

Arlen will be an interesting addition to the Dem's.

If Normie Coleman ever gets a clue and the Dem's get to 60..then it will surely be time to celebrate indeed!

Anonymous said...

FYI - this is a good riddance. AND A BENEFIT to the GOP that Spector left the GOP. The only thing this man thinks about is himself and being re-elected. Now to move on with a bill, there are not really any minority members to vote. You have to have one vote in the minority part. Which right now is the GOP... LOL LOL LOL LOL....
In the past it was SPECTOR most of the time.

BY the way. For those that don't know their history, Republicans are the ones that gave blacks their civil rights.. DEMS fought it all the way.. and responded in violence. Get your facts straight please.

Shark-fu said...

For the record - the people, through grassroots pressure and a series of Supreme Court activist rulings, forced this nation to acknowledge the some of the rights that were being denied people of color.

The Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act are both the result of activism, judicial and from the ground up...and neither party can claim that shit above the people.

But hey, thanks for trying...