Monday, October 16, 2006

Rain-based feastitude...

This is my kind of weather, chil’ren.


Oh, come on!

The steady rain…the overcast sky...the crisp bite in the air…shit, a bitch adores this.

Okay, I’ll admit that driving in it works the hell out of my nerves…but this bitch plans to enjoy the fall precipitation once my ass gets home!

A bitch’s evening of fall rain-based feastitude featuring Eyes on the Prize.

The Menu…
ABB’s Lick the Plate Clean Meatloaf
Mashed ‘taters with butter
Broccoli (a bitch adores broccoli)…oh, and more butter


A cocktail of ice followed by vodka followed by grape cran (yum)

The Attire…
My AngryBlackBitch long sleeve shirt (wink)
New beyond soft comfy pajama pants
Socks (shit, a bitch’s feet get cold)
And my slippers

The Additionals…
My couch-based area
Blanket (no, not the MJ kind…the cotton kind)
One Betsey the sorta-Beagle in full snooze (usually achieved by 8:30pm).

The Viewage…
Eyes on the Prize airing on American Experience on PBS tonight!

Happiness and joy…


Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to post your meatloaf recipe? Thanks!

Bendra said...


Rainy days and Eyes on the Prize.......

We do have things in common, Sistah Angry.

KJ said...

I love the thought of a "couch-based area". Sweet!