Saturday, October 07, 2006


This bitch was moving slow as hell yesterday!


Such is the penalty for debauch on a school night...and Lawd knows my ass has paid that sin tax before (wink).


A bitch overheard a conversation Thursday night and it inspired some serious reflection. I truly believe that the Divine One connects me with situations to nudge my ass into action…and this was one such moment.

Two women were discussing the trials and tribulations of owning their own business. One was telling the other that she was in the process of a radical overhaul inspired by the realization that her business was not as fulfilling as it should be.

She confessed that she was scared to change things and had been avoiding it for months…miserable in a drama of her own creation.

Her companion responded with…

“A lot of people are afraid of change and a lot of people are limited because of that.”

They moved on to discuss other things…and this bitch moved on to another vodka cran…but that nugget was firmly embedded in my mind.

Living this thing called life conditions us to avoid change…to build on what is rather than what could be.

Haven’t you ever heard that whispering voice that tells you to hesitate…to pause…to consider the consequences and not explore the possibilities?

It wasn’t there when I was a child. Gawd, a bitch used to race up a hill on my bike and soar over the top of it without a care for what was on the other side.

The voice came later…after a couple of tumbles over the handlebars.



This bitch was presented with an opportunity last week and that fucking change resisting whispering voice slid over my consideration of it.

Every time I tried to circle back to what could be it whispered for me to slow down…to fear what’s over that hill…to recall the jarring pain of flipping over the handlebars and crashing into the pavement.

Then I overheard that nugget of truth Thursday night and all I could think was…no.

Not now…not this time…not this bitch.


Which empowers yes…the potential positives are worth a few scars.

So, this bitch is soaring over that hill and catching air in my Afro.

The Divine One works in mysterious ways…


Margaret said...

Mysterious ways indeed. Your post just here has been read by me at the strangest of times and spoke volumnes in what I am facing personnally at the moment.

Should I thank you or the Devine One?

Anonymous said...

And just understand this: I have your back. This world is too small now, and our lives too short to not shoot over that hill.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, change. It is difficult but oh so good sometimes. I think it is a sin that we are taught to fear and not explore. It is often so difficult to follow dreams and pay the bills. But it is great to explore and see what is what for ones self. It is alwasys better to try something, than not to have tried at all.

So go for it ignore that voice that speaks from a place of fear.

sjobs said...

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