Thursday, October 26, 2006

By request - Some thoughts on Obama 2008…

A certain Jeremy has asked for a bitch’s thoughts on Senator Obama’s possible run for President in 2008.

I thought Senator Obama’s keynote speech during the most recent Democratic National Convention was amazing. It moved me to tears…and inspired me in a way I hadn’t been inspired in some time.

There is a huge part of me that wants Senator Obama to run just to have the ‘audacity of hope’ become a part of our national discussion.


But a bitch needs more than an inspiring phrase. I need substance…policies that will reward the audacity of hope with the rarity of progressive change.

My job as a citizen is to demand those policies along with that vision of Senator Obama…as I do of all candidates courting my vote.

So, I’m going to be cautious here.

Mayhap the media should be cautious too. As much as I understand the appeal…the attraction of a viable candidate of color…the allure of a woman with a chance…as much as I understand that shit, this bitch also understands my role in this process.

The frenzy is starting early…there will be no incumbent in the Presidential field in '08…and the only things a bitch can control are my expectations and my vote.

This bitch is embracing the audacity of hope by remaining undecided for now…


Anonymous said...

While happy to hear your shout out to Barak, I must agree. Let's keep things in perspective for the here and now. Which, incidentally, is the same thing that Barak Obama is saying.

Eric said...

Yes, we do need perspective. Also, and VERY importantly for me, is waiting for Obama to finally move his "no comment" answer to the subject of equal rights for same sex relationships into the "I'm for it" column.
I guess, in the grand scheme of things, ambivalence is better than opposition, though.

Maya's Granny said...

I agree. He inspired me with his speech, and I want to see him inspire me with his actions.

jobsanger said...

I was also dazzled by his convention speech, but he seriously disappointed me with his support of the Republican bankruptcy bill. It makes me wonder if he understands the hardships that the poor and working class have to suffer in this country.

brian said...

Barak's portfolio is as thin as Bush's was when he came on the scene.Your reluctance to commit is admirable.We need to hear more of his ideas and policy proposals to be moved to support his candidacy.Since Regan we have been an electorate of flash instead of substance.

Anonymous said...

Since movers and shakers rread this blog I thought it was important to get your thoughts out there while the iron was hot.


I need to hear more from him myself as well. I guess we shall see. He needs to finally commit to the decision first.

I am not Star Jones said...

I cried as well at Barack's speech at the DNC.

To me, mainstream media is clamoring for him to run because they are bored at the prospect of having to follow the white bread politicians who will get their respective parties' nominations.

That's why they loved Al Sharpton on the campaign trail because HE WAS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT and they never had to take anything that came from his overly processed head seriously.

Obama 2012, I say.

Anonymous said...


Long time reader..this is my second comment on your blog...

Funny because I thought of your blog when I saw him make a speech here in the Seattle area today. I think it's great that he was able to win the election in 2004, but I felt that the media built him up before he ever accomplished anything.

As a black man, that tends to make me nervous because just once misstep and he will get torn apart by the same people praising him. Especially if it involves white women or children. I know this sounds racist, but it's the truth in this country. I hope he is able to work on a few legislations that he can be proud of before the media turns on him.

In the mean time, keep up this awesome blog!

Elvez73 said...

Good post as usual ABB, Obama is an inspiring guy, his appearence on Meet The Press last week was masterful, but like you I am syill undecided, although he is still my frontrunner. I am kind of ambivalent about Hillary, I like her but she doesn't inspire me and she seems too calculating i.e. her support for W's little Mesopatamian adventure. Obama is inspiring but I'm not sure on some of his policy views. Wait and see I suppose.

Jeff said...

I'm worried about the math associated with an Obama presidential run. He probably takes the Northeast, the upper Midwest, and the Left Coast. Unfortunately, he leaves Ohio in the red and it's 2004 all over again. If he could find a running mate who could deliver a single southern state, then he'd be okay but remember Edwards was unable to do the same for Kerry.