Tuesday, August 16, 2005


A bitch would like to thank everyone for the advice and well wishes regarding my brother’s job situation! My ass appreciates it…now stop being so fucking nice! A bitch has bitchitude to maintain!

A bitch would like to send out well wishes to Corretta Scott King, who has recently been hospitalized. Be blessed, for you are worthy…

Actually, a bitch has been thinking a lot about strong women and their acts of courage….

Viola Liuzzo was a Detroit housewife who was moved by the images of racial violence she witnessed on television. In 1965 the American South had erupted and activists were flooding in the assist local blacks as they tried to gain voting rights. When you think of Selma in 1965, your ass need only look at Iraq…terrorists able to strike at will and a people oppressed through that terrorizing violence. Confronted with these acts of horrific violence Viola Liuzzo went down to Selma on her own and got active in the struggle for voting rights.

Viola Liuzzo gave her life to that struggle. She was shot dead while driving with a fellow activist back to Selma. A white woman didn’t drive a black man through the back roads of Alabama. It just wasn’t done and Viola paid the ultimate price.

Her death would have been nothing more than a footnote in Civil Rights history, except for the fact that Viola Liuzzo was the only white woman killed. Her death and the response to it is a study in how the privileged respond when one of their own calls them out for their bullshit.

The FBI took part in an organized smear campaign, which attempted to paint Viola as a white woman interested in getting it on with black men. They systematically attacked her motives, character, marriage and tactics. My ass was staggered by the dedication and patience the FBI demonstrated while they tore this martyr apart for having the audacity to act on her conscience rather than her heritage.

The bitch is absolutely humbled by Viola Liuzzo and my history will always reflect that.

Fast-forward to 2005. We have another woman of courage and another attack on her character, motives, marriage and tactics. A bitch wasn’t surprised to hear on the news that some idiot with a metal chain and a pickup truck took out several of the crosses protestors lined up on the road.

Texas is building up quite a reputation for ignorant assed violent shits, their pick up trucks and what they decide to destroy with them. Hey, you even managed to take out a flag and the visual symbol of Christ’s death for your sins. Yeah…good times…

Yesterday, a reader sent this bitch an e-mail with all manner of shit on Cindy Sheehan. Clearly the reader was concerned that my ass was not informed on Cindy and her “background”. Honey, my ass is beyond informed. This bitch is a 32 year old black woman living in America…trust that I’m aware of what the man will do to tear down his detractors and destroy a person’s integrity. Don’t stop sending me shit, but you must understand that all I see is the same tired assed character assassination that was perpetrated against Viola Liuzzo and anyone who has the courage to call the man out on his bullshit.

Such is the cost of courage.

This bitch just drove to the grocery store with Brother Rob Thurman...a black woman being driven by a white man without fear.

That is the legacy of courage.

So I ask Cindy’s detractors…where is your courage?

This bitch suspects that it’s keeping your privilege company.


Sangroncito said...

Great post.

The FBI under that cross-dressing hypocrite J. Edgar Hoover was (and still is) capable of anything.

Thanks for sharing that piece of history from the Civil Rights movement.

BaltimoreLenore said...

Yes thanks for the piece of history. She's another one you never see mentioned in the history books. I might go educate myself on her in a few moments.

ABB, Truthout is devoting an entire page to Cindy now. I don't know if you ever read them, but it's worth a look.

modkus said...

As always, your writing leaves me in awe. Interesting comparison and goddamn you can draw me in.

It's Me, Maven... said...

I think this post should be the impetus for some anthropological research group to do an intense study on THAT PARTICULAR AREA OF TEXAS.

Holy skeetshooting Branch Davidians, Batman! Do you think it's a coinkydink that just down the road a-piece from Scooter's ranch is WACO?

I don't want to paint Texas and Texans with a broad brush {how can I resist?}, but from an foreigner's POV, I can only assume the world's perception of Scooter and Texans in general... IS NOT A GOOD ONE.

I thank every blessed day that God in his/her/its infinite and DIVINE wisdom had me be born a Yank. I would be doing some serious jail time right about now if I had to grow up and be surrounded by all of that intolerance.

Poppymom said...

The only thing about Cindy Sheehan's life that concerns me is the fact that she's a mother who lost her child to this war. That's the bottom line.

So she's got a history and has made mistakes? So fucking what. That doesn't negate her right to demand some answers regarding the loss of her son.

She's a brave woman.

Dixie said...

Nugget darlin', don't fool yourself. Yankees are just as prone to intolerance and ignorance as Southerners - they just don't get the same amount of press over it. It's time to realize that intolerance is everywhere and recognize it for what it is when it's seen, wherever it's seen.

You know the other side has no real ammunition when they choose to pick of Cindy Sheehan's past instead of the protest she's launched. Throw up a smokescreen and hope no one notices what's really going on.

I mean are we to assume that lives lost in Iraq are a true sacrifice only when the parent has lead a perfect life?

dmfinny said...

And many of us include you in the Strong Women category. I have the luxury of living & ranting in Brooklyn, NY, while others speak from what is assumed to be an urban POV in a non-urban, or non-"Sex & The City" area.

Thanks for the story of Viola Liuzzo. And thanks for the angry black bitchitude, sis.

theclamwhisperer said...

I love your writing. Maybe you should go on a Bitch Tour...design Bitch cosmetics and clothing. Imagine the possibilities...no really, I think you're great.

S Renee said...

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