Friday, October 02, 2009

Lawd, have mercy…

Okay, so this bitch has been trying to write about all manner of things but my brain is still more than a wee bit befuddled by anti-plague meds.


Thank the gods it’s Friday.

I plan to rest up this weekend...indulge in some distractitude-based television…and then catch up on all the shit that has been piling up in my in-box.

And look…yonder…’tis a healthy portion of the scandal-based news that David Letterman revealed on his show last night!

Perfect timing.

While I was watching NHL hockey...Dave was stunning his studio audience with his confession that he has had sex with women who worked for him at the time and then someone contacted him and threatened to expose that shit unless he (Dave) forked over millions.


And get this…the accused is an award winning producer from another CBS show 48 Hours Mystery.

Oh my!




Although that’s a 10 on the distractitude scale…

…the though of Letterman and sex is actually making my Afro nauseous.


Mmmhmmm, but it is hard to turn away even as it turns my stomach…kind of like when a bitch accidentally stumbles onto a Discovery Health Channel mystery diagnosis freakish surgery episode and can’t break away.



Rondell said...

LMAO, making your afro nauseous!

L.Jackson said... sells & Google having a blast with the inquiry hits. Grin, a 'dog is a dog', whether man/woman/beast..yet a beast can be fixed. Should we fix everyone else? roflmao

Anonymous said...

girrrrrl... mmm mmm mmm

Dusty said...

If he had sex with consenting adults..who gives a rat's ass?

The old saying: 'Don't shit in your own backyard' is relevent to Dave's bedding of his employee's. Its a dumb move but not felony dumb hopefully.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a distraction- away from the likes of Sanford and Ensign who actually did do something worse than naughty.Goodness, its not as if he is a politician using our tax dollars to galavant with his lovers!He is just a jester and really doesn't need all of the ocverage that is going on, focus on the guy who thought he could make a fast buck, there's the naughty one!

AOB said...

Oh my goodness....I was OK until I read the line about the thought of Letterman and sex.....I have not laughed that hard in forever. I had exactly the same thought...YEECH!

mconfibeauty said...

Funny shit...

PPR_Scribe said...

Well, I must be the odd (wo)man out: I actually find Dave ultra sexy in a nerdy, dry-humor, gap-toothed, large expressive hands kind of way....