Tuesday, December 09, 2008

...like bears at the zoo.

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

The economic news continues to be grim…so much so that this bitch had to turn the news off the other night and watch several hours of Discovery Health Channel programming followed by some Animal Planet. Nothing puts life into perspective like learning about a woman who was pregnant for 46 years and then watching surgeons remove a…well, I won’t spoil it for you and you might be eating, but trust a bitch that Discovery Health is a fantabulous avoidance tool.

And don’t get me started on Animal Planet…talk about drama!

Anyhoo, there is no way this St. Louis based bitch could avoid the news that Anheuser-Busch InBev is cutting 1,400 jobs…most of them from the St. Louis area. We knew this was coming…the merger earlier this year created a lot of overlap…but the timing is fucked given the job market and the reality that market isn’t going to get healthy anytime soon.


I woke up this morning thinking about the current state of things…the proposed government sorta-loans and the housing fuckeduptitude…and I’m reminded of wild animals wandering into suburban neighborhoods to forage for food.

The suburban sprawl continues to creep into bear territory…the bears learn that there is food to be had from garbage cans and such…and authorities keep rounding up bears and flying them back into the wilderness only to have them wander back in time after time.

People start freaking out. Some call for population control...others try to come up with new and improved garbage cans…and the bears keep coming down from the mountain to get their forage on.

The cycle continues… because no one wants to discuss the reasons for why those bears are strolling through the ‘burbs.

Shit, we’ll start killing off bears before we consider hitting the brakes and addressing the question of whether we need another subdivision out in what used to be bear country…whether building that subdivision is a wise economic decision or whether it makes more sense to rethink the definition of growth and mayhap rehab an existing neighborhood in the city.

Instead we continue to do what we’ve been doing because there’s no doubt on the winner in a growth versus bear battle…

…and this bitch fears the American worker will soon be on exhibit in a zoo and damn near extinct in the wild.

Lawd, have mercy!

Mayhap a bitch should rethink falling asleep whilst watching Animal Planet.



DFitz said...

46 years carry "something" huh, thats a bad bitch

Voodoo Picnic said...

Speakin' of bears, I'm trying to ease my discontent by watching, via webcam, a young cub prepare for hibernation. Lil' Smokey was rescued from one of our Cali wildfires. But... it's a-hard to watch him be weaned off the comforts provided heretofore by the caretakers who will release him into the wild. Sorry to wander off the point, Shark-fu, you thought-provoking now bear advocate! :}

Anonymous said...

Suburban bears walk across my deck all summer long. And suburban moose, too. They make life interesting. I just hope I never get mugged by oversized wildlife while I'm out walking the sorta greyhound.

Unknown said...

Great analogy Shark Fu.

Its all so fucked up and its gonna get worse before it gets better...for both the bears and the workers.

Friggin shit..

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