Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving forward…

Okay, so a bitch had to skip teaching my Voter Education class last night due to the on-going drama resulting from Bill’s van-jumping-out-of-while-still-in-motion accident.


One of my students called to find out where the hell a bitch was, which I must confess is both heart warming and guilt inducing at the same time.

For those of y’all who don’t know, a bitch volunteers and teaches Voter Education classes at a couple of local women’s shelters. The goal of the class is to empower students to be informed voters rather than just register a person and then tell them to vote.

My students are really into it this year and I was looking forward to a spirited debate last night over the candidates for Attorney General in Missouri, but nothing comes before family and I was too exhausted to put forth much spirit last night anyway.

Imagine this bitch’s reaction when my student said that they wanted to do the debate anyway so that they would be prepared for the primary in August!

Thrilled doesn’t even describe what I was feeling.

A bunch of tired from work/summer school/parenting women in a transitional shelter were so eager to debate the policy differences of the folks running for Attorney General in Missouri that they called their teacher to ask if they could have my discussion questions & notes and proceed without me.


I love this shit!!

I e-mailed my questions and gave her some firm guidelines (the last debate we had got a little raw and off students need to be reminded to save the personal house-based drama for another time and another place...mercy!) and she happily hung up to deliver the news to the group.

Did I mention that I love this shit?

Anyhoo, a bitch was reminded that Missouri and many other states are having primary elections in August. All politics is local…trust a bitch on that…and many state and local races will be decided at the primary because they are uncontested by other parties.

So, don’t sleep on your need to vote in primary elections. Get your voter education on (wink) and know what the hell and who the hell is on that ballot! My fellow Missourians can start here with the Voter Guide provided by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch…and then do your own research, call the campaigns, read the materials and challenge positions.

As my student explained to me last night, this primary shit is important and time is a’wasting…


The Bear Maiden said...

I'm way late on offering you my hugs and "OMGs" and prayers for Bill's healing, but I offer them now.

There is nothing worse than THAT call... I got it once, when a building facade fell on my sister the Professor and her 4 year old Diva. That subway ride uptown was the longest of my life, me praying "please God, don't let them die".

I'm glad to hear that for the most part, Bill is fine... and that you are moving forward.

My prayers are with you and yours... and may this never happen again.

All the best...

Anonymous said...

I saw a C&L clip that insinuated:
Apparently, Brock Olivo did not do well in social studies class. And presumably, he was even worse in history.

Asked to name his favorite of the Founding Fathers, our favorite former football star turned heinously awkward political candidate has a terrific answer:
Abraham Lincoln".

His female rival said "Ronald Reagan",

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous! You're obviously doing an excellent job.

Best wishes to you and to Bill.

Unknown said...

You must be incredibly proud Shark Fu like a parent of their child, and evidently you do a great job of getting your students involved.

The most heart-warming post I have read today. ;)

Yankee, Transferred said...

deargawdinheaven how did I miss the Bill story? I need to catch up more often. I'm sending my love and best wishes to you and your beloved Bill.

August said...

I worked the polls a couple of years ago. It was a terrific experience and I was excited to see quite a few parents bring their children in with them to show them the process and explain what they were doing. And of course the kids were delighted to get their parents' "vote" stickers. It's best to get 'em young!

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