Wednesday, June 18, 2008

400 for Barack…

Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder with 400 fellow believers in CHANGE, believers that our country can and will be different.

Organizers need your help to gather marchers for Obama in the Pride Parade (St. Louis Missouri)! They're looking for members of the LGBT community and straight allies to come together to walk for CHANGE.

Tell everyone you know about this- it will be a powerful experience, one not to be missed. It's a great opportunity to be registering voters before, during and after the parade as well.

400 amazing people marching for Obama in the Pride parade?


The parade starts at noon on Sunday June 29th, but they will be gathering at the NorthWest corner of Utah St and S Grand Blvd between 10 and 11 am. Come prepared to stand outside (in late June heat), have lots of fun, and show your Pride for the LGBT community and for Barack Obama! For more information or to get involved in LGBT Pride efforts for Obama in St. Louis, contact Sarah Hunter at hunter.sarah.e at gmail dot com.

If you plan to march with Obama supporters in the parade, please RSVP online at or contact Sarah.

If you'd like to register as a volunteer for a two-hour shift registering voters or attending the Obama booth during the festival on Saturday or Sunday, contact Sarah.

Daaaaaamn Sarah - you are going to be busy, busy and busy!

Have a Happy Pride!


La Diva Latina said...

Ooh I wanna go! Thx for the info!

Anonymous said...

Any idea about other similar events in different locations? or perhaps a site that lists them?

climb_a_tree said... there is a link to find events by zip code. happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

while i am queer, a diehard obama supporter, and a political realist, i do wish that obama could have responded to the california ruling by at least saying that he did not support the proposal for constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

i know it's simply not politically feasibly to outright support marriage equality for all, but would be nice to hear him state that enshrining straight-up discrimination in our constitution would be wrong.

funny how a straight friend pointed out this particular omission to me... i hadn't even paid attention!

have fun at pride! alas, i live in nyc and the big pride events aren't till next weekend :)

Click said...

Oh how FUN! My husband and I saw Obama here in Kansas City and just being around so many supporters was invigorating and electrifying.

Although I won't be there in person, here's to happy feet a marching and hope it's a great turn out! :-)

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