Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The situation to your right...

A bitch spent my evening catching up on the paperwork/spreadsheet side of one of my volunteer commitments so I had to pass on my usual primary watching mini-party.


But that shit was over last week....hell, last month if the exit polls are accurate. A certain Wendi just sent this bitch this link. Polling indicates that both Dems could beat McCain. Interesting, but the polling on that topic has been all over the place since McCain reached his Presumptive Nomineeship. I honestly think political polls were invented to give pundits something to talk about.

Anyhoo, Brother Rob and this bitch did talk politics last night…but not Democratic politics. Rather, we discussed the Ron Paul situation on the Republican side.


C’mon, don’t tell me you forgot about Ron!

Don’t sleep, Republican voters are still pulling the lever for Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. According to ABC news, 25 percent of primary voters chose someone other than McCain in recent contests.

Mayhap Ron Paul supporters plan to stir some shit up in Minny.


This bitch plans to watch the Republican festival anyway.

There’s no way in hell my ass would miss watching the RNC try to launch McCain through the clusterfuck that is Scooter B.’s legacy.

Shit, it may not be appointment viewage but it’ll be TiVo worthy for sure…


Anonymous said...

I was just listening to Ron Paul on NPR.

He was funny and hell, he was right about a few things, until they asked him about a woman's right to choose...and he said something like "the woman doesn't matter, it matters whether there's a human life in there."

Ah well. He also said that Obama would be a better choice for his supporters than McCain but that true to Libertarian form, he would not be telling his supporters who to vote for.

and that he would not be a candidate in the general.

Shark-Fu said...

Mmmhmmm, he's way wrong on choice.

Did you see that NARAL endorsed Obama today?

William C said...

From a email:

Two of John McCain's senior campaign staff were forced to resign this week after revelations that their lobbying firm was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to represent Burma's brutal military dictatorship.1

And it gets worse—turns out this goes all the way to the top. Charlie Black, McCain's campaign chairman(who is affiliated with mark Penn of the Clinton campaign), ran a lobbying firm that represented brutal dictators like Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire—along with terrorist rebel Jonas Savimbi in Angola. Together, these men have been responsible for massive human suffering.

And for good measure, Charlie Black has represented war profiteer Blackwater Worldwide and Iraqi fraudster Ahmed Chalabi

Here is a few more tidbits on John-boy:

McCain graduated 894th of the 899 cadets in his class at the Naval Academy. Google it. Why would we want someone who was a failure and took his responsibilities so flippantly as our commander-in-chief?

McCain was an irresponsible pilot who crashed 6 planes, and started a major fire on an aircraft carrier through negligent action. Why would we want someone this reckless in the most-important office on the planet?

McCain collaborated with the enemy, was given “soft” treatment because his father was an admiral, and is known as “Songbird McCain” by those who were imprisoned with him. ( He is the MIA/POW family’s worst enemy for his constant attempts to belittle their concerns and stifle their inquiries while serving in the Senate.

McCain ditched his ill wife to marry an heiress when he returned from Vietnam

Rich Fitzgerald said...

@Chakra Kahn -- all the more reason to get Hillary out of the way so we can start roasting McCain's bird.

@Shark-fu -- love your blog. I ran up on your blog when I first started blogging back in '06, and you somehow got lost in the shuffle of my being a neophyte at the time. Good stuff here.

Unknown said...

Sweet Jaysus, this cracked me the hell up:

There's no way in hell my ass would miss watching the RNC try to launch McCain through the clusterfuck that is Scooter B.'s legacy.

You speak the truth sista Shark Fu! My dvr will be rolling along too. :)

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