Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update on a vote-based day…

Despite the rain, it’s been a fun day of vote-based joy! Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures because of confidentiality and so forth, but trust that there have been a lot of smiles and tons of laughter.

Keeping it real moment of the day so far (while getting ballots)…

Sistah Girl Student #1… “I need to vote, please!”

Poll volunteer, after handing over ballot… “Oh, don’t forget your sticker!”

Sistah Girl Student #1 (SGS#1)… “Cool!”

Poll volunteer, gesturing to SGS#1’s pregnant tummy… “And take another sticker for the future voter on the way.”

SGS#1, with a HUGE smile on her face… “Thank you!”

She pulled up her sweater and stuck the extra I Voted! sticker on her swollen stomach.


Toodles for now!


Rileysdtr said...

Polls open in Chi-town at 6:00. Dearly Beloved staggers out of bed at 5:58, flips on coffee pot, pulls on sweats and stumbles out the door. I get up at 6:02, pour 2 to-go mugs of coffee, pull on jeans, sneaks, and baseball cap (screw the bra - I have a coat on) and follow scant moments later. Our polling place is around the corner and there's already a line... but I hand the DB her coffee and we chat with neighbors until our turn at demonstrative democracy. I LOVE Voting Day!

Anonymous said...

Great News!

Ann Coulter is with US!

With her on Our Side, how could we possibly lose?


Frogspond said...

I am sending good thoughts to the voter and future voter!!!

Very awesome!!!

Maya's Granny said...

Causing change in two generations! How wonderful.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I voted last week. But my state gets no delegates. But that is OK, it is not like Florida delegates ever mattered anyway. Getting to vote when voting matters is a good trade off there.

I picked Obama. I was going to go for Edwards, but changed my mind. I like the guy. He speaks well and his message is very positive. I think it is important for a President to be an excellent speaker. Republicans do not think this way.

GourmetGoddess said...

As I was leaving my polling place at the local elementary school, I got cheers and applause from all the little kids waiting to go to class. I got a bit choked up. There's hope for the future!

GoGo said...

absolutely priceless.

makes this heart just buzz w/ joy.


ShortWoman said...

That's just too adorable.

Let's hear it for voting.

Megan said...

That gave me happy tears. Thanks.