Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tech support needed...

A bitch is feeling a bit under the weather and I blame that on…well, the weather.

Thank Gawd for lozenges!

Shall we?

This morning I caught the morning news. There was a follow-up story on CNN about a certain Julie Myers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and her infamous office Halloween costume party from a few years ago where the Most Original Costume award went to some asshole in blackface wearing prison garb and a dreadlock wig.


Anyhoo, at the time of the incident Jules said she didn’t know her employee was wearing make-up. However, she obviously did know that the photos of the asshole wearing prison garb and blackface could cause a shit storm…because she ordered them destroyed, saying that she didn’t think "recognizing an escaped prisoner in any way was beneficial to the agency's goal of treating everyone in our custody with dignity and respect."



Well shit, that kind of uptight and political bullshit laced comment requires a sniff and the folding of hands or at least the clutching of one’s pearl necklace.

I’m just saying.

Where was I? Oh yes…the pictures were believed to have been destroyed and Jules spun the hell out of that shit and got her confirmation.

But, but, but wait!

Of course there’s more.

CNN filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act on November 6, requesting access to all related photos…Jules was confirmed December 20…and this week ICE released 113 official photographs of the party.

And damn it to hell and back again if those thought deleted black faced prison garb photos weren’t included in the mix.


Apparently, technicians were able to electronically restore the photos.

Mayhap they could do the same for the integrity of our federal government?



Frogspond said...

There are ways to make sure data is not recoverable... They aren't hard. Sounds to me like someone in the IT department wanted to help the integrity of the fedgov along a bit. *giggle*

Yep, alot of IT folks may be on the more conservative side of the spectrum, but that does not mean they are neocons. Usually we are honest (mostly, we do bend the rules occasionally) and expect others to be so. When the opportunity presents itself, we usually try to give honesty a hand.

Anonymous said...

Every Halloween someone dons blackface and causes a shitstorm. I wouldn't accuse all of them of being bigots, but I do think there's a lack of understanding as to why blackface is so bad. A former acquaintance of mine did this, and he doesn't understand why people were so sore over it.

Can we just have a blanket rule that blackface is NOT funny?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Geek Squad can fix the Bush Administration.
On telecom/computer issues alone, it would take the entire Geek Squad to fix the "Black Box" scandal- you know the one where the telecoms and ISPs are balking at installing the government's black boxes on their systems because the boxes are easy targets for hackers.

Frogspond said...

*Cue mission Impossible music*

Calling on all Information Technology people! Our mission, if we choose to accept it,** is to assist in fedgov honesty. If they are allowed to spy on us, why don't we "verify the data" on some of their bullshit ala "Sneakers." (Remember "too many secrets"?) This message will not self destruct in 30 seconds.

**The question occurs to me... how did the agency know when an agent didn't accept a mission?

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