Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Longtime readers know that this bitch is guardian to two sorta-beagles, Betsey and Theo.

Although my house is partial to beagle-based mixes, any beagle based success is celebrated with joy.

So news that a certain Uno won best in breed at Westminster had Betsey and Theo wagging their tails with joy.

Okay, so they wag their tails no matter what. I could tell they were wagging extra hard for Uno!

Go on with your bad beagle self, Uno...and good luck to all that dawgs going for Best in Show tonight.

May the best beagle win (wink)...


Leota2 said...

Hurray for Uno!
My late-- sorta beagle Chico is wagging his tail in dog heaven right along with the wonderfully earthbound Betsey and Theo!

Dusty said...

Ah yeah Shark Fu-My best friend as a child was our beagle Two Bits. That magnificent dog was something else.

Congrats to Uno and his owners..the lil dog is a beauty and he knows it! ;)