Friday, November 02, 2007

This bitch on Tell Me More...

A bitch woke up at the crack of dawn despite my sorta-headcold this morning (wince) to chat with Michel Martin of Tell Me More on NPR about a certain Don Imus and his return to radio.
We got our beauty shop on with Pulitzer winning journalist E.R. Shipp and media executive Nick Charles...

…which felt a wee bit odd with those radio headset things fucking up my Afro.


I'm exhausted but it was fun.

Have a listen if you wanna


whistleblower said...

I just finished listening to the archive.

Excellent commentary! I think you really got to the root of the problem.

Why do people pay "shock jocks" for their disrespectful commentary?

Are we really that hard pressed for something to entertain ourselves?

We may disagree on some issues, but you were right on the mark with this one. Nice job.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Thanks for the link. I would have missed this show otherwise.

I did not listen to that old fart before, and I will not listen to that old fart now. Not on the TV and not on the radio. I am just not an Imus listener. Never have been.

And you are 100% dead on about radio (and TV) being a business. No listeners / viewers means no show!

If they are putting his old wrinkly ass back on the air, it must mean they think people will tune in and make them some money.

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