Friday, November 09, 2007

A bitch is currently getting my groove on to…

Let’s Do It Again by The Staples Singers!

Sometimes the rain
Groovin' when I hear the sound
Like you and me, baby
Gettin' down with the sounds around
Oh, the smell of the mornin' flower
As we pass away the hour
I wanna do it again,
do it again
Do it (Do it)

***jumps up for cube dance***

Let's do it in the mornin'
Sweet breeze in the summer time
Feeling your sweet face
All laid up next to mine
Sweet love in the midnight
Good sleep, come mornin' light
No worries 'bout nothin'
Just gettin' good,
just gettin' good
Just gettin' good love

Woo, hoo, hoo, hoo!

Now that’s how a bitch likes to start the weekend…


Anonymous said...

.....hmmm! Sounds like a party over there. Wonder if a bitch is gonna' party all alone? Happy week-end from Dandy.....groove on, girl.............!

Anonymous said...

.........hmmm! Dandy wonders if a bitch is gettin' her groove on all alone.........hope not! Party on, girlfriend........

girl6 said...

Haaaayyy! "I'll take you there..."

Anonymous said...

hey ms bitch, love your blog.

from an equally angry bitch in ghana.

LiberalDemDave said...

haaaaaay, go ahead, girl! get your groove on and shake what the good lord gave ya'!

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