Friday, February 24, 2006

Japan's golden moment...

C-Money and this bitch caught the Women's Figure Skating finale last night. My ass wasn't surprised by the United States performance...unlike everyone at NBC.

Emily Hughes was a joy! Bless her for actually having fun out there!

Sasha did what Sasha does. It's not her fault that the weight of the world was heaped on her shoulders by the desperate for ratings by any means necessary NBC public relations team.

Kimmie will be back and she has much to be proud of!

But the night belonged to a beautiful, talented and accomplished skater from Japan. Her face said it all...the determination, the nerves, the anxiety, the shocked joy and the bewildered pride as she stepped onto the top podium and into Olympic history.

Her name is Shizuka Arakawa...and last night she was golden.


Limecrete said...

I have a completely unnatural aversion to Sasha Cohen. She's never done anything to me, and she doesn't seem like an awful person.

And yet, I hate her. Odd. Reading about her tumbles brought me great joy, and my feelings about her aside, it's bullshit that someone can fall down twice and still win a silver medal. Way to cheapen the Olympics even further, judges.

Lady K said...

I really enjoyed the women's figure skating last night. As I watched Arakawa skate I was just entranced. I totally forgot she was a skating, she looked so natural.
Unfortunately, like Limecrete, I really have no love for Sasha Cohen. I have no idea why. I knew she would choke in the end (granted, she did have a possible groin injury). I have seen her skate live and it is just amazing...but something about her rubs me the wrong way..

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to this topic, but Ann's in the news again, in case you hadn't heard.

BroncoRose said...

I almost resorted to the mute button while watching. The commentators, as usual, showed the usual football mentality. If the skater wasn't American they were sloppy, inexperienced, etc. But let one of ours fall on her ass and all you hear are excuses, crickets, and the usual "what a fighter."
P.S. When will Dick B. retire?

Kristin said...

I have to admit to some schadenfreude watching American athletes who acted like they were entitled to gold medals (Miller, Hedrick, that hotdogging snowboard chick) fall short of the hype. To be fair, I don't think that Sasha Cohen necessarily expected to win gold, especially considering her record of never putting two clean programs together. But I was pleased to see an unhyped non-American win all the same. I think it's the extreme chauvinism of the US coverage that rubs me the wrong way.

Also, my friend who's a serious skating fan complains that Sasha only seems to choose to skate to the most hackneyed music (Carmen, Romeo and Juliet), although many skaters performed to "princess music" last night. Michelle Kwan always tried to do something that fell outside of the realm of the cliche.

J said...

I haven't been watching, because I can't stand all of the waiting waiting waiting....bait...but I was a bit sad that the front page of our local paper was of Sasha getting her medal, and not the gold medal winner. Sigh. I don't know if other countries are any better about their coverage, but I'm tired of having to look online to even find a picture of the winner of the most popular event in the winter games...all they had in the paper was Sasha getting her medal, and Sasha falling. Sigh.

J said...

I wish I didn't have to go online to find a picture of the gold medal winner...all my local paper had was Sasha getting her medal, and Sasha falling on her butt. And yeah, since when do you fall TWICE and still get a silver? Crazyness.

littlem said...

I'm with Limecrete.

If you read Joan Ryan's "Little Girls in Pretty Boxes", about the behind-the-scenes starvation and out-front objectification of women in gymnastics and skating, my guess is that you will understand a little more about what bothers you - perhaps it's that Ms. Thing Cohen is going blithely along with the objectification program and ruining it for for the rest of us.

(I guess I might bend a patriarchal rule or two myself, for $10 million or so in endorsements just 'cause I was cute and could twirl in the air.)

Of course, I said PERHAPS.


Anonymous said...

I love Sasah Cohen! She is the best skater since Oksana won the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

I love Sasha - she's an exquisite skater. Sure she didn't skate her best long program at the Olympics... but when she is on - she's impessive.