Monday, September 19, 2005

Shit...Monday is a bitch...!

A bitch had a hectic and busy weekend! Between running errands and being social my ass is worn out.

Everyone is all a flutter about a certain Blood Ray’s birthday extravaganza next weekend! A bitch has witnessed the rehearsals and must confess that it will be the wickedest party of the year. Go on with your bad soon to be green self, Blood Ray! This bitch is planning to blog from party…if my ass can figure out how.

Moving forward…

2 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk included, 1 Claritin, 2 bullshit infused federally regulated because of all the Meth heads fucking shit up for the allergy sufferers Sudafed and cigs…

This bitch was going to post about marriage and the fucked up celebrities who dive into it head first without checking the water temperature, then rush their ass to the courthouse to get a fucking annulment.

However, my ass is so bored with that shit that a bitch is beyond bitching about it. Shocking, right!?

However, a bitch is feeling bitchy today.

Debt and Scooter's New Deal...
Over the weekend Scooter’s bold remake of the New Deal ran head first into his inability to balance the national checkbook. This has happened to my ass when shoe shopping, so a bitch identified the problem quickly.

Scooter has made a lot of promises over the years. He’s gotten away with huge financial fuck-ups because 50% of America is dazzled by the language and never looks for substance.

Example…when Jennifer and Jay Anybody hear “death tax” they assume that they will be asked to pay a tax when they die. Worst yet, Grandma Anybody’s estate will be taxed to high heaven and Jenn and Jay won’t inherit a dime. The problem is that estates are taxed only at or above a certain level. No one in this bitch’s family has ever been close to qualifying for the estate tax…ooops, sorry…the death tax. But, with the use of clever wording, Scooter and his minions were able to convince Jenn and Jay to support a tax cut they don't qualify for.


Unfortunately, saying that tax cuts will stimulate the economy does not result in tax cuts stimulating the economy. Particularly when you are spending through the roof, mismanaging an unnecessary war and allowing your party to bleed the national vein like vampires at a feast.

This bitch has been concerned about the deficit for some time. My ass watched in horror as the house that Clinton built was systematically demolished. Now, in the face of mounting war costs and a huge natural disaster, a bitch wishes we didn’t have to refinance the burned out lot left over after years of Republican looting.

Every day the United States of America takes out loans. We have no money. Our credit rating is probably shit. And yesterday the usual suspects indulged in the Sunday talk show circle jerk over whether we need to raise taxes or repeal the tax cut.

Shut the fuck up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

The big proposal to pay for Scooter’s New Deal is to slash the already slashed federal budget of necessary funding while protecting to massive pork funding their overpaid unethical asses just passed! All so that you can protect the rich and continue to expand the poverty percentages, which will only create more people who can’t fucking get out of Dodge when a motherfucking hurricane is bearing down on them!

Lawd have mercy!

Shit. It may be time to immigrate to Canada or Sweden....


Absolut Billy said...

What i found odd was that Scooter seemed to have ZERO issue with being able to find the 200-400 billion needed to fund his open ended promises (we will stay in Iraq as long as it takes, katria will cost whatever it is it costs and we will pay). Without blinking he says he will cut hundreds of billions of dollars in waste/irresponsible spending. If he already knew we had hundreds if billions of waste, why didnt he cut it to begin with?

JPH said...

Cindy Sheehan just got arrested in Manhattan this afternoon.
Apparently she didn't have the proper permit to speak? WTF.

Please report because you know the "real" news will not!

lasomniloquy said...

your take on this scam makes the issue very clear, especially the death tax crap. thanks.

nostradumass said...

Glad I found you ABB. Good shit!

Hope you don't mind but I linked to here in a post--don't worry about being inundated as I only have about 2 regular readers.

PissedOffPencil said...

I will personally welcome you at the airport and convince the immigration authorities that Sweden definetly needs an angry black bitch. If that doesn't work I'll claime you're a long lost relative on my mothers side.

And then I will make sure you join the Social Democratic party and kick some serious right-wing butt. They deserve it.

And some Social Democratic butt too, since some of them have lost their minds.

MTG said...

I wonder what the fuck Washington Mutual Bank would say if I decided to run my shit on 'deficit spending'. Yeah right....

Go girl.