Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Justice and Choice...

This bitch is suffering from sleep problems, which have plagued my ass my entire life. Trust that my ass is bitter, tired and beyond bitchy.

4 cups coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk, 1 Claritin, 2 inadequate for this level of congestion fake assed Sudafed, cheesy eggs and toast followed by cigs…

A bitch would like to remember Simon Wiesenthal, who left this world for his sweet reward Tuesday in Vienna.

This bitch first heard of Simon Wiesenthal in Junior High. My ass studied the Holocaust, but history books often glamorize the trials of Nazi war criminals while neglecting to cover the bastards who escaped to South America post WWII. It wasn’t until High School…until a good friend told his family’s story of survival…until that horrible time in history was made real to me that my ass heard the name Simon Wiesenthal.

Since this bitch attended a predominately Jewish university (Go Judges!), my ass learned a lot about the Wiesenthal Center and the work they do. In a world full of apathy and inaction it was refreshing to know that there were people working for justice.

Simon Wiesenthal challenged the world. His life was a testament to the evil human beings are capable of and the power of one voice in a chorus of insanity. That life gave birth to a legacy that will live on and we should all be both grateful and challenged.

A bitch has not weighed in on the Roberts debate…until now. Missouri’s Boy Governor has shown his literal ass to pro-choice activists by signing a restrictive law that allows for lawsuits against agencies or individuals who advise and/or assist minors of abortion options or in seeking an abortion without their parents consent.

This law is bullshit, but beyond that it is completely unrealistic in the face of real life. This bitch volunteers with minors who have become pregnant and who, because of Matt Blunt's tyrannical anti-family reign in Jefferson City, are now homeless.

How can you sign a restrictive law that denies adults the right to discuss abortion as an option without parental consent yet support state laws that consider a woman no longer a minor once she has a child…which is why this bitch has over 25 young women to volunteer with at homeless teen shelters. See, in Missouri if you are pregnant you are a child but your ass is grown as a motherfucker once you crank that baby out.

And Lawd have mercy on us if we allow two families to live under one roof and save some motherfucking money! Jesus to Gawd! That would be encouraging people to stay on assistance.

Gawd, we can’t allow agencies or adults to discuss prevention because that would encourage sex.

Lawd save me, we can’t have chil’ren seeking abortion advice without their parents there…that would encourage independence…err…anti-family...no…uh…hmmm…that would be bad!

This motherfucker must go! Anyone who does not vote for anyone but Blunt in the next election had best forget my address, phone number, e-mail address and this blog…fuck it, forget this bitch’s name.

Having said that…this kind of ignorant anti-choice aggression throws the Roberts Chief Justice consideration into sharp relief.

Missouri choice activists are already challenging this bullshit in court.

When it makes it to the Supreme Court who do you want to decide whether to hear it?

And while you hesitate let me remind you that, right now, any Missouri citizen who even discusses abortion with a minor without that minor’s consent has opened themselves up to prosecution. Anyone…including this blog?

How the fuck do we know who’s reading this shit? How can a bitch keep a minor from reading this and learning this ? How would a bitch know if a minor clicked on this link and read about their options?

Howevah would a bitch know…?

Education, prevention and choice…

...by any means necessary!


Jim said...

You know - I blame so much of Missouri's crazy ass politics on recently imposed term limits. You've got crazy ass youngsters like Rod Jetton running the Missouri house.

I think we need ABB in 2008.

It's Me, Maven... said...

This line got me: "...we can’t allow agencies or adults to discuss prevention because that would encourage sex."

Newsflash to these politicians and legislators... those kids are being exposed DAILY to sexual themes. Everything from auto tires to beer to RAP music and SHAMPOO has over stylized over sexualized advertisements. Kids watching BET/MTV/VH1, or even network t.v. are bombarded with sexualization. Seeing Cialis or Viagra commercials during prime time deals rather in-your-face with what those medications are for. Even clothing for children and teens now mimic clothing appropriate for ADULTS. Cheerleading these days is LEWD and oversexualized.

If the parents won't INFORM AND PROTECT their kids, and if the schools cannot INFORM AND PROTECT their students... if it's not for Planned Parenthood and other clinics doing what they do EXCEPTIONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY... how are these kids going to survive, let alone succeed in life?

Soulknitting said...

ABB, this just sent me over the edge. How the hell do these people get away with this shit? How would you explain these pics to a child? OHG, please let these pricks get run over by these very trucks.

WARNING: Pictures of Aborted Fetus' on the side of 18-Wheel Big Rigs.

www.cbrinfo.org/RCC/trucks_highway.html. -- The Reproductive "Choice" trucks are traveling all over the highways of America."

The CBER thinks this type of advertising is going to make someone NOT have an abortion? Or change someone's thinking? All it has done for me is make be realize how fucking sick some humans really truely are.

Hate pop-up commenting, can't use spell check. Turn it off, I hate looking like an idiot that can't spell. Don't mind looking like an idiot though....

Shark-fu said...

Damn! That is too nasty! A bitch can imagine riding past that on the highway with my little mentee in the car and having to explain that shit....shudder and perish the thought!

cats said...

thanks for the words about s.w. what a great man. you ever been to the holocaust museum in dc? it changed my life.

i don't even want to get started on abortion and sex-ed... so i'll just say glad that you are working with those kids and not one of those idiots.

Sedie said...

. . . here's a theory. I was looking at adoption options because DH and I are looking to have little ones and, let's just say I'm no spring chicken. . . Anyway, on one of the sites it said that transracial adoptions are being done more and accepted more because there aren't enough white babies to go around. . . could it be that Scooter is working for the Right to help those little white girls (who can and do afford abortions) stop killing their white babies so that the majority population does not become "brown" and the pro-lifers can then join the ranks of those "doing something" by adopting their white babies rather than brown ones? Just a thought. . . keep up the great work girl, you're awesome!

-Ann said...

I do so love a good rant, especially in the defense of common-sense, logic and justice. Keep up the good work.