Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oh say can you see…?

A bitch is dealing with a migraine, which has slurred my speech and pissed my ass off!

Excedrin…lots of it, 1-cup coffee because my ass woke up late, three glasses of water to hydrate and cigs…

ABB’s Migraine Enhanced Bitchitude on the Fucked Up Mess in the Gulf…
For the love of all that is holy, how the hell does this government fix it’s face to pontificate about rebuilding the Middle East when they can’t even handle a domestic crisis here at home?

Hurricanes happen. Ask anyone living off a fucking ocean in America and they will fucking tell you that. In the post September 11 world (yeah, we liberals can say it too) this nation is supposed to have addressed how to handle a national crisis. Did you motherfuckers fail to account for floods and hurricanes? A bitch is concerned that your asses may not even have a plan…judging from the looks of surprise and confusion, this bitch is questioning whether you even have a brain.

We have looting taking place in affected areas. Some of the looting makes sense…if a store has formula and your baby is hungry and the city has gone to shit your ass needs to “loot”. Some of the looting is fucked up…if the city doesn’t have electricity do you really need a plasma television set? Behave, you heathen asses! Jesus, don’t you see the CNN cameraman to your left?

Looting is a common problem after flooding or hurricanes, so someone please tell the motherfuckers at CNN that this ain’t some crazy…really crazy…unheard of…totally unanticipated occurrence. Rather than run footage of people running out of stores, couldn’t they have an interview where they ask real questions of a public official? Could one of those overpaid undereducated assholes in Atlanta ask what the fucking plan is?

Each affected state’s National Guard units are depleted…some by 50%. They are off fighting the war formerly thought to be valid in Iraq. Now, a bitch saw a really good report on this a few weeks ago. Some states started bitching because they did not have enough National Guard units to fight wildfires, secure the borders and guard shit. Typically, the National Guard would come out and assist with the domestic war against universal chaos in the Gulf region. Instead, Scooter has deployed Navy war ships that should reach the affected areas in a week or two.

Great. Fan-fucking-tastic! In a week there will be a lot less people to rescue, huh Scooter? You sick, no planning, deer in the headlights fucking idiot! A bitch heard some shit about Louisiana pressing reservists into active duty. This is a crisis, you dumb fuck! Plan! Organize! Lead! The Gulf region is vital to this country for more reasons than gas prices and shit like that. .

This bitch was fascinated to hear that there were shots fired at helicopters moving stranded residents from the Superdome to the Houston Astrodome. Shots fired…move put on hold. Victims left in limbo.

When this bitch looks at the looting and the apparent inability of public officials to address it, my ass remembers the early days of the Iraq war.

When this bitch heard that attacks against troops moving victims from New Orleans to Houston, my ass was taken back to the first wave of the insurgency in Iraq.

Is this a rebellion, a militant uprising? Or is it the product of chaos, fear, historical oppression and a government unable to hold it’s shit together?

This bitch thinks it’s the latter, but why get logical now when the lack of logic hasn’t burned your ass so far? If we follow “Scooter logic”, we should blame the whole mess on Mexico, claim they have the ability to manufacture hurricanes in a lab, produce diagrams to show such a hurricane manufacturing process and invade Mexico after the rest of the world calls us crazy. Then, after it is proven they didn’t manufacture the hurricane, Scooter would trench in and plea with us to “stay the course”. Meanwhile, the hurricane damage would be left half cleaned up, Mexicans would rise up against us and be labeled an insurgency and Scooter would then use that insurgency as a justification to…all together now…stay the course!

The South will rebuild. A bitch comes from Southern stock and they will survive and find a way to thrive.

But right now all my ass can say is shit, fuck and shit again.


BarefootCajun said...

The effects are far reaching. There is very little gasoline left here in Baton Rouge. We had some looting incidents of our own by refugees being housed in our River Center so downtown is now under lockdown. Our mayor is demanding that those refugees be moved out. There were 3800 apartments rented here yesterday. There is no more rental property to be had. Our city has pretty much doubled in size overnight and we were certainly not prepared for that.

My friend that is here from New Orleans now has to get her daughter registered in a local school pretty quick. The New Orleans area people are scattered to the wind and who knows if they will ever return.

My brother is worried about whether there will be a newspaper left in a week or so. They have no one left there to sell ads to and their circulation is nil because there's no one left to circulate to. Baton Rouge may end up becoming a two paper city.

It has been very surreal until today. As the reality sets in, people are starting to worry about the wide-spread effects. An awful lot of New Orleans supplied an awful lot of other places.

PissedOffPencil said...

I must say, I was amazed and horrified, first at the force of this hurricane but even more so at what seems to be really bad organization in the help and rescue plans.

Now, I don't know that much about how things are organized in the US but I was under the impression that the National Guards, law enforcement, rescue teams and so on where actually on stand-by to go in and clean up the mess ASAP?

And still, after a couple of days, it's still lawless country, which I hardly thought would be the case i a western society. Maybe in Poland, the Baltic states and other countries that just recently got their shit together, but US of A???

Barbara said...

A couple of things which concern,that perhaps this is the tipping point for our already deeply troubled economy. The economic effects of this horror will be far reaching and with so much being spent on that damn war, it's hard to even imagine where we will end up.

Another thing is that why the hell didn't the build the damn dikes right in the first place? Why didn't they ask the Dutch? Hell they know how to do it.

And another concerning the looting. I was extremely fucking pissed off to see pictures of looters on yahoo with the most outrageous a picture of two white folks stated they had 'found' food and such while another, yes a picture of an African-American called it looting. People are suffering...they need to exist and bet your ass I'd be at the local grocery 'finding' stuff too.

Sangroncito said...

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, this will wake up more Americans to the fact that fucking King George Bush is wearing no clothes? We can invade Iraq but we can't rescue people stranded in New Orleans. The shit is hitting the fan and I hope Bush Boy gets splattered real good.

Elizabeth said...

I've heard that around more than a few watercoolers, even Bush supporters are complaining.

Dixie said...

We need to do in New Orleans what we should have done in Baghdad - if you're going to go in there, don't go in there half-assed. Go in with some numbers. Go in with some people with some mighty guns to restore order because right now the only guys who are commanding things are the guys with the semi-automatic pistols tucked in the waistbands.

Until you get some order going you can't get the people out. You can't get supplies in. As it stands at this moment if you brought in truckloads of supplies, the fuckers with the guns are going to take it. You'd better be sure you've got guys with BIGGER guns guarding it.

This isn't the time to hesitate. This is the time to clamp down because when people are desperate they'll do anything and follow anyone who's got the goods.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

I thought there was nothing that the Idiot from Crawford could do to further outrage me, but now I realize the outrage will never end. Today it sparked me into a flurry of typing resulting in three postings:

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief: Waiting for a Leader
The Vacation and Excuse President.
Operation Blessing: This is just too f*-ing much!

The first two are self-explanatory. Operation Blessing is a controversial charity run by Rev. Pat Robertson that is the second listed charitable organization for Hurricane Katrina disaster relief donations on FEMA's website just after the American Red Cross.

dondon009 said...

I find it very difficult to understand why someone would be stealing electrical appliances at a time like this but we have to remember that some of this group had nothing to begin with. Personally, I would help them loot food and medical supplies as needed for survival.... but there is a limit to this total lack of conscience! I was amazed to see two police officers in uniform with shopping carts full of merchandise on the news.
We need the military in there, and we need it fast. People desperate will begin using guns and more deaths will ensue.
I also wonder about the FEMA plan that was supposedly established two years ago which would address situations like this in New Orleans.
Scooter better shape up really fast. This is all happening at the lowest point in his presidency (41%).

Maidink said...

I've been nursing a migraine, too. I can't watch or even read the news. I feel ill.

We can send troops all over the world and bring democracy to lawless, godless 3rd world countries.

But we can't help a newborn baby or a diabetic or an elderly heart patient in New Orleans.

It's our own f*cking backyard and we can't save these people.

Fuck you, President Scooter and your minions. You are the President of Death. Congratulations on your legacy.

monkey said...

dondon, you said you found it difficult to understand why someone would steal electrical appliances at a time like this. i suppose from a comfortable position where we sit, it does appear as all-out greed. however, from a place of chaos, death, destruction, and disease, it's not so hard to comprehend.
plainly, in many cases, these folks have nothing left. no shelter. no transportation. no family. and no hope. when you are hopeless and surrounded by death and destruction, it's easy to justify taking that t.v. it's a valuable piece of property to sell later. it's that feeling of--fuck you for leaving us stranded in this shit, i'm getting what i deserve.
i do agree though, when you said we have to remember this group had nothing to begin with. precisely! this hurricane struck one of the most impoverished places in the u.s. i also will go out on a limb and say i think it's why aid is trickling in so slowly. would an affluent area of florida (white) have seen so few rescues and relief?
it also kills me that bush just assembled some 'task force' to assist with the survivors. that's right, just assembled. we all could track the path of the 'cane on the weather channel, tell you where it would strike, but the cowardly president did nothing until after it hit.
apparently bush is still 'scheduling' his transportation to the gulf port. jeezuz, they guy can't even get there until friday. unreal. asshole.

dreamburnt said...

I knew you would have something fucking ace to say about this.

Right now people are whining and crying on the NOLA LJ about this not being the time for politics.

Now is the perfect fucking time for the politics of why the response has been so fucking FUCKED.

Fuck. I spent three fucking days in a cabin in the fucking woods. We lost power and only by the grace of Insert-Diety-Here were we not squished by a fucking tree. Then we got to wait in line 2.5 hours for gas and drive 20-odd hours straight up to St. Louis without the benefit of a working fucking phone.

Beautiful state, beautiful city, what the heck is up with I-55 North?

It's Me, Maven... said...

I can't post a comment any more perfect than those above. "I concurr with everything."

PS: It's close to $3.50 a gallon here in NY. If it's not Scooter putting us all in hot water due to the Afghanistan/Iraq bullshit, then it's the individual gas stations gouging the prices, taking advantage of the American consumers because of a tragedy like Katrina. What the gas stations are doing is no different than the fucking looters in NOLA.

Hammer said...

Hey ABB,

Have you seen Chavez's comments on the topic. He's my new lover. He's such a smart ass. I LOVE IT.



Melody said...

I heard a national oil refinery spokesman on Fox News today (flipped over during a CNN commercial break) say that there is NOT a shortage of gasoline in the U.S. Our supply is going to be tight for the next few weeks until the refineries are repaired and back online, but there is NO SHORTAGE.

And yet, we see gasoline prices shoot up 40 to 50 cents per gallon overnight, as they did here in Texas, and probably higher in other areas.

So answer me this: Why are we not labeling oil companies "looters"? Are they not stealing from us during a national emergency?


Thank you, ABB, for voicing the anger we all feel.

thatfarmgirl said...

And you can throw Hastert in to Scooter's wagon as well.

Sangroncito said...

And one more those who say "tsk, tsk" at the sight of people looting and expressing their rage I give them these words from Dr. Martin Luther King:

"There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society, with a large segment of people in that society, who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that they have nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don't have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it".

Amen, Dr. King.

Jaibe said...

ABB, you are from St. Louis. I used to be in Chicago & everyone knew that the worst earthquake in the history of the USA happened around where St. Louis is now & the Mississippi moved its bed 40 miles.

The news says that New Orleans' disaster plan didn't say one word about evacuations *after* the flood.

Do you as a citizen of St. Louis know what the evacuation plans or anything else for the next earthquake are? I'm just wondering how many cities are as vulnerable as New Orleans. Since any earthquake acts with a lot less warning than a hurricane, it strikes me that everyone should already know where to go NOW.

Jaibe said...

One other thing --- ONE account said what the people shooting at the helicopters are saying: "come save my family."

modkus said...

All I want to know is when we are going to stop being such a reactive country. Every single public official from Lousiana that has been interviewed in the last week has said the same thing, "This is the Big One that we knew was coming." And they didn't do shit to strengthen their city.

I'm willing to acknowledge that N.O. had plenty of other things to distract it from building the stronger dykes (you know, the ones the Dutch are pointing at because really, we are idiots), little money and high crime for two. But...really? Your best plan for the poor was to dump them in a frickin' stadium?

And now Bush tells us troops will be in next week sometime? Who will be left by next week?

Bad Carrie's Baby Girl said...

BabyGirl tuned into the second half of the telethon last night. I was discusted with the lack of preparation and slow help in NOLA. Seeing so many of poor black people still suffering the worst 4 days after the storm made me suspicious. I this part on the Plan? Help the poor / infirm / old / black / underclass / undesirables as "slowly as possible. Watching Scooter fly-over the devastation there -- why couldn't he have been in a boat with first responders, actually helping feed someone at an evacuation center or at least pretending to "share the pain"? -- Oh! there he is now in Ole Miss embracing people in clean dry clothing. The people are mostly white and haven't been in any eminent danger for over 48 hours. They are safe to hug. Kanye West was off script and on target. Scooter doesn't care about Black people.