Monday, January 31, 2011

H.R. 3 - what Congress has been working on instead of focusing on jobs…

Shall we?

The new Congress has presented the America public a bill that is the very definition of government intrusion into people’s lives.

H.R. 3 is "Stupak on Steroids" – it would force us to pay more taxes if our health plan covers abortion, jeopardize abortion coverage in the private market, and make it even more difficult for rape and incest survivors who rely on the government for their health care to access abortion services.

This bill seeks to define what kind of rape is bad enough…“forcible” enough…for the government to grant the survivor the privilege of her reproductive rights.

After spending weeks spouting off about how government needs to focus on the economy and jobs, the House has jumped all up into the lives of women…again.

Would that they could be shamed.

Tell Congress to walk the walk and get about the business of addressing our economic crisis instead of drafting dangerous insults dressed up as legislation that place government in the middle of women’s healthcare decisions and raise taxes while doing it.

Click here, take action…and let Congress know that we the people need them to focus on jobs, not attack access to reproductive healthcare while raising taxes.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty freaked out when I read the articles regarding what the repubs are proposing. I wonder how quick one of them would become pro-choice if one of their 10 year olds was molested by someone and turned up pregnant.

I have been there and we let her make HER CHOICE. Even though she was only 13 it was still HER CHOICE.

It's about the freedom to have a say about yourself...not what someone else thinks you should do with your life.

Some of the biggest abortion protesters are male...wonder why?

sex education said...

Rape can def happen without violence. This is messed up.

the bewilderness said...

People love to say it is just semantics, but the words matter and this is a way to redefine rape out of existence. The false accusations myth has brought us to this.
The same approach is under way to defund VAWA. If it weren't for teh evol feminists and their domestic violence shelters all these women making false accusations of abuse would stay married to their innocent husbands.
It just never stops.

AR said...

Many of these women are tax payers so should they be denied money they have paid into the system. Even if someone is not a tax payer, to be raped, to have it narrowly defined by narrow minded thieves and charlatans looking to use do who knows what, is criminal. Who is to decide whether enough force was used. And doesn't the definition of rape include an act of force? And to force someone to determine how much force was used seems so cold and disconnected from it all. The woman did not want to participate. How can these men not see how insane they are being?

Why are these guys always so focused on abortion. This has gone way beyond obsessive behavior. Thirty years? What is their real agenda? They keep bringing this up as if they are doing something. They are not it is some kind of go to smoke screen. If they spent as much time actually working on policy that would be of benefit their time would be much better spent. But that would take actually doing some work.

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