Monday, January 03, 2011

The new political reality…

Shall we?

The morning news was all a flutter over how the New Year is ushering in a new political reality in Washington.

Whoops, my bad!
A harsh new political reality.  Gotta have that "harsh" in there!


When the new Congress is sworn in, America will have a Republican controlled House and a Democratic controlled Senate.  The House is gearing up to slash health care reform to the bone and/or pass a repeal of the health care reform law.  The Senate is gearing up to…well, to deal with all the legislation that will be tossed over from the House.  And the political press is licking their chops with drool-based anticipation over being able to cover gridlock, conflict and drama.


The GOP will seek to feed the beast it road into power.

They served an extension of tax cuts and the end of earmarks as an appetizer in 2011.  Despite calls from voters to cut back on spending…and oh how politicians love calls to cut spending that lack specificity…both of those dishes are spending heart attacks waiting to happen.  The tax cut extension isn’t paid for and earmarks were about where money goes not how much money goes where. 


What the hell!  When the mob calls for bread but thanks you for Soylent Green only a fool would bother to bake bread.

So here we are.

And there you have it.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Time to roll up our sleeves, get Jedi on this shit and take on the Empire!

Happy New Year…


numol said...

At least you're still around, fighting the good fight. So I guess it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with drug testing welfare recipients? Do you really want your hard earned money paying for other peoples drug habits?
There has to be some accountability and responsibility from the people who are living off government handouts.

Shark-Fu said...

What's bad about it, Anonymous, is that it costs a ton of money...more money, in fact, than it costs to fund drug treatment programs.

We the people are being asked to pay for testing that isn't indicated by any real proof that there's a huge a time when we are in debt and can't even fund basic services.

Now, if that makes sense to you then you don't make sense to me.


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