Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog for Choice – Be encouraged…

Shall we?

I have seen the well of reproductive health care drawn damn near empty through continuous legislative efforts to restrict access to everything from birth control to comprehensive sex education to abortion services.

And I am concerned.

When Missouri state legislators draft legislation to protect pharmacists who refuse to fill legal prescriptions…I am concerned.

When abortion restriction bills designed to create hurdles between women and health care become law…I am concerned.

When race-baiting billboards declaring that the most dangerous place for a black baby is in a black woman’s womb are placed in American cities…I am concerned.

When health care reform passes by a slim margin and with unacceptable reproductive health care compromises…I am concerned.

When anti-choice groups distort the history of black people in their quest to rustle up fear and shame women of color…I am concerned.

That is what we have experienced and are experiencing…before the 2010 elections…before anti-choice gains in government.

And so, I have been…I am concerned.

But I am also encouraged.

When young feminists emerge online and in the field to advocate for their rights and demand respect from within the movement and from their government…

I am encouraged.

When women of color gather together to defend our rights and declare, once again, that this nation Trust Black Women…

I am encouraged.

When health care reform, though flawed, finally presents the possibility of access to millions of Americans…I am encouraged.

When I see the youth of my community gather together and demand comprehensive sex education in their schools...

Oh hell yes, I am encouraged!

For all of the assaults on reproductive justice, the response…the amazing empowerment of the people in defense of our rights…encourages the hell out of me.

We will meet all of these challenges together…answer the insult of their lies and misrepresentations with the clarity of truth and the power of justice…and we will march on.

The safest place…the best place…the only place for a woman’s reproductive health care rights and decisions is in her own hands.

Be encouraged.


Unknown said...

Blog for choice... choice for what? What is this "choice" you are fighting for? Toppings on a pizza? What clothes to buy? Whom to marry? Where to work?

Shark-Fu said...

Immediately following the title of the blog post is the post itself, where all manner of detail is supplied about what I'm talking about today.

Either you're having issues with the word "choice" and have decided to vent them here (not the place or format, may I suggest you acquire a blog)...or you have a serious reading comprehension problem - either way, I'm in no mood to be trifled with.


karen said...

I am too often discouraged when it comes to the always ongoing work that must be done to preserve what reproductive justice gains we have acquired.

One thing that does encourage me is volunteering. There are so many clinics that need escorts, so many sex ed programs that need counselors, and so many letters that need to be written to our representatives. It is heartening to work among other volunteers.

It is also heartening to know that there are others who support reproductive justice for all women, but especially for those whose choices continue to be most restricted, including women of color, women serving in the US armed forces, and all women who live in regions far away from health care facilities that can care for ALL of our needs.

Thanks for your post today. I always love reading here, but especially when the topic is choice-- as you say, in everything from birth control to comprehensive sex ed to abortion services. As a woman who has needed all of these services at some point in my life, I truly know how vital these are.

Ashleas said...

I think SharkFu means the Woman's Choice. My choice to choose whether or not I want to have sex. My choice to choose whether or not I want to conceive and carry and care for a child. My choice whether or not I want to use preventive measures against contraception. Finally, my choice to do with and to my body as I see fit in regards to my personal health and not have some eldery man tell me what health and reproductive services, as controversial as they may be, that I have access to.

Am I correct, Miss Shark Fu?

Anonymous said...

The abortion debate is such an interesting one because those "pro life" folks are not interested in keeping black or brown babies alive, they are concerned about white babies being aborted. This is it in a nutshell. They are trying to fool folks but they can't. They are trying to restrict all women so they can "save" white babies. As always, their stance is firmly planted in the aryan, white power camp. They are insane.

Shark-Fu said...

You've got it!

NC17 said...

when i see Sarah Palin taking aim at the white house in 2016, i don't get encouraged.

Anonymous said...

I looked-up the billboard you mentioned, and I have never been more disgusted in my life. It is a message of anti-black, anti-woman, anti-human, and you can bet I"m going to be speaking out against it if it shows up in Grand Rapids!


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