Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On World AIDS Day...

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Shall we?

At a certain point our knowledge of a thing indicts our lack of action.

At that point, we can no longer claim confusion or ignorance…we can’t point to some study that needs further review or some data that data-geeks are still working their way through.

At a certain point the finger of history points right back at you, me and all of us and gets it's indictment on…the clock starts running and I mean running fast – days become weeks become months become years and layer on each other as evidence of absolute bullshit.

We reached that point with HIV/AIDS years ago.

It’s not in my nature to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Color me contrary…but I can’t get past how much we could have accomplished and should have accomplished but for the undiluted assholia of far too many people.

In my community, and in communities all over the world, we’re failing.

We’re still debating known shit...still lobbying for support and funding for proven prevention programs...still asking and still hearing "no", "not yet" or "not right now".

More people are getting tested…but that’s still not good enough.

More people are seeking treatment…but funding is inadequate.

More people are talking about AIDS…but too many aren’t acting.

And at a certain point knowledge of a thing indicts lack of action.

Every day is World AIDS Day…and every day is an opportunity for us to do something, to advocate for more and better, and to act.
To act, damn it.

To act.

A fluff of the Afro and a thank you to the fantabulous folks at St. Louis Effort for AIDS and Food Outreach – for all you have done, are doing and will do!  


libhom said...

I am so upset by the lack of action we've seen from the Obama administration. It the same approach that the Bushes, Clinton, and Reagan took.

Anonymous said...

According to wikipedia, the first case of AIDS was reported during Reagan's presidency, so it seem a bit silly to blame him.

President Bush launched the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in 2003, and pledged $15 billion over 5 years.

Clinton used condoms;)

ttv said...

I never know. :-)
But, of course I am aware of this kinda disease.

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