Monday, August 31, 2009

By request, a confession – Yes I do get tired…

A certain Gertie from Boulder, who has been lurking here for years, asked this bitch if I ever get tired of practicing the fine art of bitchitude and sent me a bitchfirmation just in case I do.

Do I ever get tired?



Oh yes, I do!

I get tired of following stories detailing the wrong people do to others…I get tired of writing about why we need to defend reproductive freedom and resist accepting a society where want and hunger define the lives of far too many people.

I get tired of watching folks resist doing something…anything…for fear of failure because they lack the courage required to achieve success.

And I sure as shit get tired of bullshit.

But every time I think that I can’t go on…that my input doesn’t really matter and my activism won’t really change a damn thing…someone sends a bitch an email telling me to keep on keeping on.

Just like Gertie did.

Thanks for the bitchfirmation, Gertie!

But yes, I do get tired.

They call it a struggle for a reason.

I just don’t let all that tired hold me down.

Eyes on the prize, y'all!

Eyes on the prize...


Unknown said...

Hell yes, they call it a 'struggle' for a reason! Very good Shark once again hit the nail on it's itty bitty head with the full force of your truth.

Mentally tired doesn't bother me as much as physically tired does these days.

My body won't let me march for miles or stand for hours anymore. It angers me that my body refuses to cooperate with my mind when it comes to righting wrongs.

I get so frustrated that I can no longer join the pack to preach truth to power. It makes me cry more times than I want to think about right now.

All I have is my voice now..and what little money I can afford to give to the important causes..hell, they are ALL important aren't they?

sigh..I hate being old and broken down. I fucking hate it.

tata said...

Wish I could buy you a drink. Or a can of spinach.

Miss Trudy said...

I know. I don't do half as much as you do, and I get tired too.

And exasperated. With the thoughtlessness and selfishness and just plain stupid evil. I want to throw the towel and just have me a good life with no cares in the world.

In my case, it really is all about me. I don't want to be on my deathbed some day knowing I could have done something and didn't. Knowing I should have spoken up and preferred to do the easy thing and be quiet.

But what the hell. It's a nasty job but somebody's gotta do it, right? The world is a better place because of your work, Shark Fu.

AOB said...

I am thinking that you have some great material for many more books....but the first net one should be "How to Work through the FUBAR system to ensure your handicapped loved ones get the help they are are entitled to".

After reading your last post on Bills 'yearly meeting' and how you called it exactly in a previous post....sounds like a publication is needed. Maybe you could sell it to Social Services as a guide to the BS. They could hand it out as soon as someone applies so that the applicant knows what they are facing.

HEY! We love you!!!

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