Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pridefest – St. Louis – June 27 & 28…

St.Louis gets our Pride on every day (wink) but the official and 30th Pridefest is this weekend.

Join this bitch and thousands of other people in Tower Grove Park June 27 and 28.

Be sure to visit the Planned Parenthood booth, where a bitch will get my volunteer on and eating funnel cakes and try not to fall out from the heat.


Gawd, I love funnel cake.

Happy Pride!


Rileysdtr said...

Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

I will be marching as usual, helping the gay vets carry the block-long U.S. Flag. Hot, sweaty work and worth every drop... unless Chicago has burst into flames from the heat index.

Jeff said...

Oh, you said the magic words. Funnel cake.

Aj jenkins said...

yum, funnel cakes are the absolute best! have a great time at Pridefest St. Louis.

Hammer said...

Mmmmm Funnel Cake...why did I go over off refined sugar and everything corn-based? Daaaaaammn.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood...HEN Foundation is supporting an amazing artist working to spread the PP education through dance, lectures and workshops...pretty sweet, eh? give them money!