Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals…

Holy shit!

After a mad dash in the last 2 minutes of the game…with the Wings tossing all they had at it and a kitchen sink full of dishes…the Penguins held on to win Game 6.

Holy fucking shit!

Ladies and gents, we’re heading to Game 7...in Detroit...Motor City, baby!

Fantabulous hockey...and a hell of a series too.

5:01 left to go in the 3rd.

Pens still up 2 to 1.

Lawd, have mercy!

Another Update from the Third Period!

Lawd, have mercy! Kris Draper of Detroit has scored.

Penguins 2.

Red Wings 1.

Note to Riley @9:10pm CST...breathe in and release, my friend.

Breathe in and release!

Update from Third Period
Penguins score...not a Staal (wink) but Tyler Kennedy! The Pens are up 2 to 0 with 13 minutes left to play.

Update after end of Second Period

Penguins lead the Wings after 2 periods of serious hockey.

The only goal of the night has been from one of those Staal brothers...there are so many of them...ummm, Jordan. Great goal, btw!

***logs off to let dawgs out to pee and then score another beverage***

Oh, my gods.

What a first period!

The Cup is in the building...20 minutes of hockey have gone…Penguins with 12 shots on goal and Detroit with 3…but no actual goals were scored.


***logs off to freshen beverage for second period***


Anonymous said...

Fuck Detroit. Go Pittsburgh. Go Sid. Game 7. Get that boy a latte on Redemption Day.


Erika said...

Give Detroit some love! Gawd knows Detroit needs something to feel good about these days.

Unknown said...

I am a Pens fan from Super Mario's time.

I didn't get to watch the game tonight..but I truly love your play by play post Shark Fu!

Gracias chica. ;)

Rileysdtr said...

I'm okay. I'm okay. No really, I' okay. The Red Wings will triumph, they have done this before, and eventually my blood pressure will regulate.

On to Friday, and a worthy opponent!

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