Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shark-Fu’s Rant of the Volunteer…

Can I just rant for a moment?


As most of you know this bitch is an active volunteer involved in a lot of different community-based organizations and activities.

I do it because getting off my ass and being a part of the solution makes me feel good…and I enjoy the people I get to work with.

I don’t expect thank yous or flowers (hello…allergies!) or ass kissing or gift certificates to my favorite soul food restaurant.


Not that I wouldn't like gift certificates to my favorite soul-food restaurant (wink).

Anyhoo, a bitch’s reward is truly the experience…that’s the upside.

But damn it all to hell and back if the downside isn’t the assholes who just have to complain, criticize or condemn the work we do…coming out of left field to pick on some tiny little thing with freakish regularity, much like a drug resistant yeast infection, and piss in my Corn Flakes then dance on my last nerve.

Almost without exception these peevish shits have been missing in action whilst others were putting in serious time…and more often than not they aren’t even members of the organizations they are trying to "help out".

But they sure as shit have something to say once the labor is done!

If these folks spent as much time volunteering as they do mouthing off about those of us who do volunteer they might actually get the result they claim to desire.


But that would be too much like right.



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