Thursday, January 03, 2008

Something smells familiarly foul…

A bitch can’t wait to get my Caucus viewage on but even I was distracted by this wee bit of CIA tape scandal news.

Scooter B. (President Bush, just in case you’re newish) strongly…mmmhmmm, strongly…supports the CIA tapes probe.


Don't get excited. In the past he held strong convictions about America not getting into the bitness of nation building…funding education reform…actually initiating energy reform…you get the point.

Now Scooter B. is going on record that his rancid ass is all for a serious criminal probe into the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes.

Right, just like he welcomed the investigation into whom within his administration leaked the name of a CIA operative to the press.


Come to think of it, Scooter B.’s bring it on response is rather telling.

He either knows, kind of like Nixon knew those 18 minutes where gone baby gone from that Watergate-based tape, that the CIA tapes have been vanished without a trace into a rumor. Or he’s betting that the investigation wraps up quickly and he can just get his pardon on and make it go away.

But it won't go away, will it?

Much like those now infamous 18 minutes tainted all politicians, the missing CIA interrogation tapes will forever taint the Bush Administration as the practitioners of torture because everyone believes that those tapes contained proof of horrible acts.

The way I see it is kind of like walking into a room, seeing a dawg and smelling a foul shit-based stink but not being able to find the pile of shit.

Stank don’t just happen all on its own and you know that shit was in the room at some point.

The only thing left to do is prove true what you already know to be true and the only question left to ask how to get rid of the smell.


Anonymous said...

Dear ABB:

Bush and Rice have been looking for an excuse to clean out that Augan Stable of a State Department for years. Take that dare to investigate and that will be exactly what happens. Did you not hear about the the proffered documentation of Bush ordering those tapes and records to be kept intact?

Call Bush'es Bluff, but don't be surprised about who gets fried over it. It would not surprise me if Valerie Plame winds up on the wrong end of this. If you think that DanRatherGate was a Rope-A-Dope where Dan basically handed the Presidency over to Bush over his Stupid Blunder, just wait till you see the Carte Blanche a la Cardinal Richilieu that Bush will get when the CIA and the State Department gets investigated.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I like Anon's take on this. Try to pin it all on people you do not like.

Problem is that Plame would never have had access to said tapes. And I doubt Plame would just roll over and allow all the blame to get stuck to her. I do not think anyone in the State Department who is not already rich enough to never have to work again will just take the blame either. For someone who has worked hard to build a career with the State Department or CIA - just allowing the blame to fall on you means you are done. Even with a Bush pardon. You will never work in that area again.

The only real possibility is that Bush already had a meeting with the fall guy. Someone who is high enough up the food chain to make it look like it is possible, but low enough on the food chain to not matter. Someone who everything can begin and end with - without having any shit trickle up.

That or Bush knows that the tapes are in fact gone, all proof that they were ever in existence is gone, and anyone who knew about them is either going to shut up (or have a tragic "accident") OR is already paid off.

Your analogy about the dog and the shit smell but no shit is right on.

Unknown said...

I hope the loyal Bushies take it in the shorts. The guy put in place to 'investigate' is a career prosecutor..and those are the guys that got hosed over by the Bushies in the Justice Dept.

Anonymous said...

I agree ABB.
Nothing will be sticking to W except the whiff.
And as Anonymous said there will be some amazing outings--of his enemies-- in the intelligence ( ha ha) community as he rides his vile ass off into the dark Texas night.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's going to be on good ol' Scooter B's pardon list anyway... Bet it's a long one.

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