Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog for Choice – The right thing to do...

Happy Blog for Choice Day!

A bitch is all over this year’s topic – why folks should vote pro-choice. Longtime readers know that I am passionate about the vote and about people voting from a place of knowledge.

So, why should people vote pro-choice?

Because of its very Wilford Brimley!

You know, the right thing to do and a tasty...okay, not tasty...smart way to do it (wink).

Shall we?

You should vote.

You should vote from a place of knowledge.

You should vote for pro-choice candidates because they understand how privacy rights apply to the law and that includes a whole lot of other important things too.

You should vote for pro-choice candidates because you believe that women and our doctors should make decisions about our health.

You should vote pro-choice because comprehensive sex education empowers our youth to make intelligent decisions about their health.

You should vote pro-choice to put an end to anti-knowledge policies that put our communities and fellow citizens at risk.

Why do I vote pro-choice?

Because I don’t think I should have to explain to a pharmacist why I need medication. I would…shit, I’m not afraid…but it wouldn’t be pretty. Just imagine me, late for something, at the pharmacy saying “I need those pills because I have fibroids that cause me to have multi-week heavy as hell periods and cramp to high heaven so could you please put away the Bible and fill my prescription or do I need to tap a vein, say five Our Fathers, take a lie detector test allow you to depose my gynecologist?”

Yeah...uh huh.


So, I vote pro-choice because I am a witness that ignorance is not bliss and that anti-choice policies do anything but support a culture of life. Women I volunteer get their sex education after the having sex…find out about prevention after a preventable thing is diagnosed…and make family planning decisions after conception. Mmmhmmm, everything in reverse of logic because anti-choice advocates fear empowerment and crave the control that comes with an ignorant population.

I vote pro-choice to keep clinic doors open and medical care available to those in need.

I vote pro-choice because I want to be able to decide the best treatment with my doctor…not the Governor (ugh), or some Pastor from that church up the street, or my neighbor who has no bitness up in my bitness or some well meaning activist who has not bitness up in my bitness.

I vote pro-choice for the youth who are not old enough to vote and for my community that deserves choices.

I vote.

I vote pro-choice.

It is the right thing to do and a smart way to do it (wink).


Anonymous said...

Why does it always have to be one or the other? "Pro-Choice" simply means one wishes to maintain that choice within the realm of law, not force women to either have abortions or babies.... are we THAT wound up with root-root-rooting for the "Home Team" that we as a rational people cannot agree on a tie?

Yankee T said...

Printed 3 copies. Gave them to my daughters. Sat there while they read them. Made them put them in their rooms.
Thank you for this.

J said...

Well said. Rileeysdtr, did you think ABB was saying those were the only choices, or are you agreeing with her? Because I read this post to say that education would be a mighty great reason to vote pro choice, because many anti-choice folks out there seem to also be anti-information.

I participated as well:

Anonymous said...

fucken A!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colin Bowden said...


Anti-choice activists would have no leg to stand on otherwise.

Anonymous said...

thou shalt not kill

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