Friday, January 12, 2007

Pondering Scooter B.'s plan...

Happy Friday, chil’ren!

Let’s jump right on in.

A bitch is a recovering avoider and, as such, can spot a fellow avoider with one eye closed. Avoidance comes in many flavors…conflict, drama, confrontation, arguments, bills, sex, food, work…all that shit. But all avoidance shares a root motivation of not wanting to face the consequences of a thing.

I used to avoid confrontations …my motivation was that I didn’t want to face the consequences of that shit, those being arguments and/or moody assed people. My recovery began when I realized that my avoidance didn’t prevent the arguments or the moody assed people.


A bitch spotted some serious avoidance hidden deep within the bullshit that is Scooter B.’s revised Iraq War plan.

What the fuck do we want to accomplish? It used to be nation building, but this revised plan makes my afro hurt because it reads as if a nation has already been built. Saying Iraq is a nation doesn’t make Iraq a nation. And too much of this plan is built on the assumption that Iraq is a nation because we want it to already be a nation.

What the fuck should be accomplished? We’ve invaded and occupied, de-Ba’athified and executed…yet, we can’t seem to nail down what should be done.

And Scooter B is clearly avoiding the question of whether what should be done can be done militarily.

It occurred to me that the answer may be found within the avoidance. Who is avoiding what and based on what motivation? Scooter B. is the avoider…an examination of his past demonstrates that he avoids owning failure…his motivation is that he dislikes the consequences of failure.


Scooter B.’s plan is all but screaming that his administration doesn’t intend to go for victory…whatever that may be...and that is why the plan doesn’t lead there. No politics on the table, because he could give a shit about the political outcome. Scooter just wants this war over and no longer talked about. Nor does the plan lead to long term stability. He just wants it stable long enough to allow for an exit and the plausable deniability of failure. That's been set up by the nifty addition that our continued support is contingent upon the ability of the Iraqi government to achieve what it has no wish to achieve nor the ability to achieve should it want to achieve it.

But if the goal is American withdrawal without consequences that is an impossible goal.

Someone somewhere is going to face the consequences of this war and withdrawal contingent upon not facing consequences equals prolonged drama...followed by those motherfucking consequences anyway.

Which brings a bitch back to that avoidance thang. I have learned a lot in my avoidance recovery (wink) but one thing stands out…avoiding confrontation never prevented the drama I was avoiding confrontation to prevent.

War overfloweth with consequences and there is no avoiding them…


Clio Bluestocking said...

And avoiding the drama makes the drama that much worse when it finally shows up.

Keep on singing it! (Yeah, I know, singing was in the last post.)

Maven said...

Here's a sermon by Brother Keith Olbermann.

kmtaylor said...

Wordy McWord. Thank you ABB. You make it possible for me to stomach this nutbar a little while longer.

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