Friday, January 12, 2007

Five things you may not know...

Lawd, a bitch has been tagged by a certain Devin.

Five things you may not know about a bitch…
1. I am technologically challenged. Ms Sister Girl MAC Book and this bitch get along mostly because I demand very little of her.

2. I don’t order food over the phone for delivery. It’s just a thing…a weird quirk. I’ll eat food that has been delivered…I’ll even pay for it if my ass is flush, but a bitch won’t place that call.
3. A bitch really can't stand public restrooms…or nasty restrooms…or those portable potty things (ugh). If forced I will deal, but I have a bathroom thing.
4. This bitch doesn’t like things blended into my ice-cream. I am an ice-cream purist with the exception of caramel, that marshmallow yumminess and brownies.
5. A bitch longs to be in a John Waters movie. Shit, I don’t want to be famous. I just want to be able to put that shit on my resume!

John...ummm, errr...Mr. Waters?
Call a bitch (wink) 'cause I can be in Baltimore in 3 hours!

Be tagged if you feel tagged.



brian said...

No phone food orders? Shark-Fu, you'd starve in NYC.
I feel your bathroom thing.In college I'd walk across the quad in all weather conditions just to find suitable accomodations!
Finally four words,Ice Cream Brandy Alexander!

boadwee blog said...

ABB, i actually KNOW john waters, well, we're acquaintances anyway. he made an art book about 5 years ago and used a couple of my photos in it so i ended up meeting him a couple times. very, very nice man. i'll see if i can hook a sister up! ha, ha. happy new year. keep on keepin' on. boadwee

B. Kitty said...

Five things about B-Kitty:

1. Raccoons make my blood run cold. They're creepy, they have scary little hands, they hiss, they bark, and they are not cute.

2. I grew the largest pumpkin in the state of Missouri when I was 8 years old.

3. Public restrooms are also something that I completely avoid. You're in good company, Shark.

4. My favorite word is deplorable.

5. People often mistake my exuberance for life and bubbly sense of humor as signs of a vapid mind. Its not true. Well at least I hope not...

Jen said...

I wanted you to see this, SharkFu:

I still haven't gotten all my grades; right now the two I have add up to a 3.0, which is all well and good. TTYL.


Marc (Just Me) said...

LUV YA! Always great catchin' up with your posts.