Monday, October 15, 2012

Pondering strange bedfellows…

Specifically, I noticed that reports of Bishop Paprocki’s homily read more like a stump speech from the campaign trail.

Paprocki has no fear of wading into electoral politics while wearing the religious robes…he’s best know ‘round these parts for calling the Democratic Platform “intrinsically evil”, which amused the shit out of me and prompted my pot-meet-kettle reflex.

Gotta love him.


He’s all BURN THE WITCH!! and that shit gets me every damned time.

Anyhoo, Paprocki thinks that conservative politicians and judges pledging fealty through attendance at the Red Mass need to get their Thomas More on.

Yes, Thomas More!

Mmmhmm…the same Thomas More who was beheaded for committing treason after he sided with a corrupt power hungry Rome in resistance to the Protestant Reformation being pushed by his king.

That Paprocki sees a hero in Thomas More is telling but not surprising.

That he gave that advice to Todd Akin…and Akin received it without pause…strikes me as odd.

Cause Akin is a Protestant preacher by training and one would think he’d be as likely to adore Thomas More as a Catholic priest would be to embrace Martin Luther.

But politics continues to make strange bedfellows…

…and I’ll go ahead and apologize for that visual.



Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in reading a blog post with all of your enlightenment on the life and work of Thomas More (aside from what you skimmed on Wikepedia). You're so funny.

Shark-Fu said...

Actually, my knowledge of More is limited to Bible school as a kid, regular viewing of The Tudors, and studying the Reformation in college...but I'll consider it.

imnotandrei said...

What I find amusing about all this is that More *withdrew* from politics, rather than do something felt was morally wrong.

(Oh, and considering the things More wrote about Luther, and vice versa -- wow, talk about two pottymouths!)

If all these people who throw his name around actually wanted to emulate him, and withdraw from politics rather than have to compromise their views, I wouldn't mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

So far you have written nothing that requires an apology. Keep going.

Unknown said...

Your work is just fantastic...your courage on the's to skimming wikipedia pages hence being given a reason to study more... #inspired lady....cheers...


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