Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The clinch that got Trumped…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Y’all know how much I adore Newt Gingrich.  


I adore Newt for the guaranteed red-faced asshole moments that he brings with him wherever he roams...and I'm not 'shamed!

I was seriously bummed when he finally admitted that his ass didn’t have a chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination.


Anyhoo, with Newt out and Ron Paul behaving himself this bitch was convinced that the GOP was fixin’ to get their ducks in a row, impose the campaign lock-down loyalty oath-based control that they perfected when running Bush the II, and put on a show to transition the anointed one from If Elected I’ll Hate Just Like You Hate into I Want to be Everyone's BFF and Drink Beer With Y'al While Watching the Game candidate for the general election.

Y’all have no idea how upsetting it was to think that the blog content gods had abandoned me to months of carefully crafted ads featuring Romney’s Stepford family going on and on about how totally AWESOME he is.

I shouldn’t have doubted.

I should have had faith!

Because the blog content gods resurrected Trump the Birther just in time for Romney’s big delegate clinch!!


Trump got his ass on all over the television…he took on Wolfie B. on CNN to make his Birther claim…he's off message ALL OVER THE PLACE!

It got so bad that Newt Gingrich emerged to contradict Trump on his Birther claim with a desperate “Romney’s not distracted, the Republican Party is not distracted” mantra that, given the fact that Trump was still mouthing off and distracting the hell out of everyone, came across as more dream than reality.

I kid you NOT!

It's BEAUTIFUL, people.

Mitt’s been well schooled in how to present an expressionless face to the press…but even his ass struggled to hide his reluctance when trying to dodge questions about why he’s hanging out with Trump while Trump continues to rant about Obama’s citizenship.

Mayhap Romney thinks there’s something to gain from race-baiting Obama despite the fact that it didn’t pay off for the Dems in the '08 primary and it didn’t pay off for McCain in the general.

Or maybe Romney can’t control Trump but can’t figure out how to shake him either.

Could it be that Trump is bullying Romney (the former bully) and just won’t leave?


Romney has managed to look weak when challenged to provide some leadership on the Birther drama, easily bought cause what happens in Vegas rarely stays in Vegas when you fundraise in Vegas with the King of the Birthers, and politically immature when faced with a perfect set-up to look like the better dude and correct Trump.

And he did all that shit on the same day he finally wrap up the GOP nomination.


***logs off to make offering of gratitude to the gods of blog content***


Susan said...

I'm afraid we've been snookered again. While everybody that could point at Mitt and laugh gets distracted by the clown - Rmoney stands beside the clown and looks like Mr. Normal.

Maybe we're talking VP.

Tasha said... Republican public figure who doesn't have the sense to be ashamed of racism and xenophobia. I think its great he's spouting off about the president's citizenship. Keep showing increasingly brown America what the Republican party truly believes.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden much?

Shark-Fu said...


At least Joey B. is on message while off rhythm.

With Romney/Trump we have Trump screaming Kenya while Romney is whispering about victory.

Tis enough to make Biden look measured and controlled...

Anonymous said...

I've always said...Trump is living proof that money cannot buy class.

Love your site.
come visit me at

kev2m6 said...

Trump is an opportunist. Much like how todays Democrats pretend their party wasnt that held blacks down for so long after the Republican Party was founded on the single issue of ending slavery, but looking into history before the liberal world ended, pre-Bush v. Gore, and you will notice Donald Trump is not a lifelong Republican, in fact, he was a Democrat for much longer than his recent GOP swing. When victimhood peddling liberals realize that not everything is about race or that the firehoses were turned on by Democrats in the 1960s, only then will you realize that Republicans want you and every American to succeed and the least amount of government assistance equals the more prosperity for the whole country, not just the rich, not just the blacks, not even just the middle class, every American. But as long as you continue asinine stances like Voter ID Laws are somehow equivalent to (Democrat) Jim Crow Laws, you will continue to not be taken seriously and only gain traction on MSNBC, Current TV, and blogs like this.

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