Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pondering the Newtonian Revival…

I woke up this morning to news that a certain Newt Gingrich has taken a commanding lead among GOP candidates in Iowa.

Every time I read something about Newt it feels all deja vu-ish because I remember him from back in the day…back when I think he was cheating on his second wife with his current wife but blasting Clinton for cheating and...

...damn, damn, daaaaamn there’s a lot of sex going on in DC.

Makes a bitch wonder why DC politicians legislate like puritans when they clearly get it on like folks booking trips to Vegas wish they could get in on.

Anyhoo…where was I?

Oh yes…Gingrich.

I remember Gingrich when he was opposing then President Clinton’s administration on [insert whatever and anything here] and was being such a braying ass about it that he can’t even claim credit for all that economic surplusedness folks now look back on with regret that they didn’t opt for the lockbox behind door number 2.


Ah, Newt.

Newt, Newt, Newt, Newt...Newt.

He speaks so well…with such authority, such confidence and pompous certainty that he almost pulls off making folk forget that he spoke with that same authority, confidence, and pompous certaintude back in the 90s and he was as off the mark then as he is now.

But I'll confess that I’m more interested in what the surge of this new candidate du jour says about conservative voters.

After two years of watching the media fawn all over those who adore tea, I’m fucking fascinated that the candidate currently taking off like a rocket has spent his career drinking from the Potomac River.

Newt, for the love of old school politicians who were in power when Boyz II Men ruled the charts…someone who has left so much evidence of his fuckeduptitude in DC that CSI could do a spin-off on that shit.


I was excepting another case of those who adore tea being played for fools…like when their Missouri nest got hustled into voting then Congressman Roy Blunt into the Senate during the last election.

But that’s not what I’m seeing here.

Tea Party darlings surged and then fizzled fast once the GOP faithful got a good look at them.

And now we have Newt.

Newt freakin' Gingrich.


We’ll see if Newt lasts…he certainly has a track record of lasting in conservative politics, big time…but right now it looks like the GOP faithful are telling those who adore tea that they really like them and had a nice time but they want to see other people now.



SimplyStated said...

The sayin' is "WHEN YOU LAY DOWN WITH DOGS YOU GET FLEAS." The once proud GOP laid down with the Tea Party and now are trying to find a vet to take care of the aftermath.

They also need a damn doctor because amnesia seems to the driving force behind the GOP.

This all began with McCain,he abandoning (or not being able to recall) his maverick ways.He was willing to sell out his nation by choosing Palin. In choosing Palin, he was basically saying I will say and do anything to get elected. He also couldn't remember how many homes he owns...amnesia.

We also have a slick snake oil salesman who has about as much charm and know how as a plastic Ken doll. He can't remember what he supported or was against 4 years ago let alone last week...but whatever it was he hates it now...at least at this moment.The big "A" strikes again.

We have Perry and Bachman; both are close personal friends of God They can't remember what they supported in their home states and what pledge they signed(that they didn't read)The Big "A" in spades.

We had Cain...he couldn't remember being charged with harassment and he also forgot to tell his wife he was helping out a female friend by paying her rent. He'd been doing it for 13 years...you'd think he might have remembered writing at least one check.

And Newt...supreme slut, liar and bully. He can't remember how he was forced out how many years ago and he can't remember what he brought at Tiffany's.

Ron Paul wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater and he doesn't seem to remember that what he is saying is nothing new...It's all been said and dismissed before.

The entire GOP is ripe with amnesia. And these are the people the GOP VOTERS want to hand the keys to the kingdom to. The ones they would have push the red button.

Maybe the always say no because they can't remember when they all said yes to everything and helped put us where we are today.

SEND IN THE CLOWNS...because are we have right now are the clueless.

Amie Cherry said...

I love this! I have seen hundreds of blogs, this just absolutely rocks!!! Let me get to reading more of your page. Thoroughly enjoying!!!

Lindsay said...

I remember all that stuff, too, Shark-fu.

I am also having trouble wrapping my mind around his popularity, as I *know* most voters are older than I am and would certainly remember it, too --- probably more clearly than I do, as I was still a bit young to understand politics at the time.

Still, even for me, "functioning government" and "Newt Gingrich" are two concepts that remain at odds.

JoJoDunc said...

We should also remember that it was Newt Gingrich who changed the tone of political rhetoric in the country. When he was Speaker and leading the campaign to elect more Republicans to Congress, his GOPAC trained candidates in using "hot button" words and expressions to make positive associations with their candidates (legacy, children, duty, etc.) and "contrasting" words to describe the opponents (bizarre, decay, failure). See http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1276 for more on this. It took a few years for Democrats to catch on to this and start using the technique too -- with the result that now it seems impossible to get straight talk out of any of them!

L. Jackson said...


Wow..is that a slam? His stand on gay rights and the way he splits & spits other things out..tell me who thinks he is tops???

Ryan Hauck said...

Newt is the prevailing "We have to nominate anyone besides Mitt Romney" candidate. Unfortunately he's also the biggest threat to Obama, because I think he can stand toe-to-toe with Obama on debates and policy issues. He's also unafraid to play dirty politics and unashamed to openly do so. Romney is a competent politician, but I think Obama would bury him. Newt stands a good chance of being elected, which scares the ever-living shit out of me.

The Tea Party is all about Ron Paul as far as I can tell, but his tepid support (9-10%) is indicative of the true *size* of the Tea Party, though not so much its influence.

Anonymous said...

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Bridget Bufford said...

@ Anonymous:

Offensive and cowardly. What opinions do you claim under your own name?

'nuff already said...

Ya know, there's another saying that comes to mind...something about the devil you know (Gingrich) being better than the Devil you don't know (Obama). Cause let's face it, with the "bummer" it's been one surprise after another. BTW, I saw a great bumper sticker the other day...it was oval shaped with OMG imprinted across it and underneath it said...Obama Must Go. I went straight home an ordered two dozen.

We all be wallowing in "do" if the man child in the white house gets elected for four more years.

Anonymous said...

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don't worry, maybe you'll come back as a fly, that way you get to hang out around waste matter and not engage your brain.

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Anonymous said...

Racism is all I see here. While claiming ti suffer from it, I see no effort to lift yourself from it. Who cares what a bunch of politicians say? Letting it anger you and therefore hold you back only means you have lost

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