Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Primary election frenzification….

First an update on Theo the sorta-beagle!

As some of you know a bitch has two sorta-beagles, Theo and Betsey.  Theo had surgery on Friday to remove a freakish skin tag from his front leg and he got his teeth cleaned while his ass was knocked out.

Theo is recovering well, but…well, he’s beyond pissed off at his being coned.

I tried to explain to him that I coned him for his own good…Theo, like all dawgs, is prone to lick his wounds and that’s not a good thing.

But Theo ain’t trying to hear that shit – he spent last night alternating between trying to get free of the cone, glaring at me or trying to seduce me into removing the cone by casting puppy glances my way.


I’ve got five more days of this shit.


Lawd, give me strength!


Some folks will get the chance to vent their political frustration at the polls in a primary election today.

The press has worked itself up into frenzy as they anticipate the fall of incumbents followed by the opportunity to feed upon the corpses of multiple political careers for the next few weeks.

A bitch suspects that voters will indeed vote against incumbents today…but I’m more interested to see if they vote for anyone.

See, throwing the bums out is one thing.

Voting a party in is another altogether.

This has all happened before.

This will all happen again (wink).

A bitch recalls the mass anti-incumbent correction of 1994, when many in the media interpreted voter anger as a political thumbs up for Newt & Company.  In reality, many voters got their vent on and flipped Congress more to punish Dems than embrace Newtology…even so, those voters sure as shit expected the newly crowned GOP to kick ass and take names.

Just like voters who kicked GOP incumbents out in 2006 expected much of the new Democratic majority.

I’m fascinated to see what happens today and in November.

I’ve come to understand that the masses aren’t consistent voters…those that are consistent voters aren’t necessarily party loyalists…and mid-term house cleaning is as reliable a happening as my basement flooding when it rains (translation – 'tis reliable as a motherfucker).

Anyhoo, this bitch won’t be watching the primary-apocalypse tonight – I've got a volunteer phone bank (non-election based) and...well, after that it's Hockey Night in Bitchlandia.


Could the fall of the defending Stanley Cup champ Penguins have been a harbinger of Great Incumbent Dethronification of 2010?


***logs off to eagerly anticipate tonight’s viewage of Habs v. Flyers and Hawks v. Sharks***


Maurice said...

Puppy glances ... nothing will melt a person to the soul faster (when it comes to glances cast by animals, anyway.)

Rileysdtr said...

Mmm... no. I don't think the Penguins and Red Wings not pulling off a three-fer is an impending sign of incumbency doom, nor do I hear the tearing of one of the Seals. Unlike Wall St. and the hemline in women's skirts, I don't think we can draw parallels between hockey and voter unrest.

I will say that other than when the Red Wings have won, the most memorable Stanley Cup championship I have ever seen was '94 when the Rangers and Canucks took it to 7 heartpounding games, including the Rangers finally pulling it off in MSG with a 3-2 victory. It was a whale of a playoffs overall - Vancouver had to come back from down 3 games to 1, including 3 OT wins in a row; wasn't that a time to be a hockey fan? Still gives me chills....

There is a parallel, come to think of it. This has been the most unexpected and exciting playoff run I can recall in many years - on an overall basis, better than 94 because no lead seems safe (Boston up 3 games to none, and then up 3-0 on their home ice in Game 7, LOSING? To the Fleepin' FLYERS? Oh, Beantown....) and the most unlikely of heroes emerges (anyone heard of Halak prior to about 3 weeks ago? Anyone? Buehler?)

Go 'Hawks! Go Habs! Come on, Stanley!

LisaMJ said...

Glad Theo is on the mend. Poor puppy. The little furry ones just don't understand when we do ish for their own good (then again, I've hated a Doctor or two for doing stuff for my own good too). Hope you and he make it through. Oh and enjoy getting your end of season hockey on!

Abby said...

aww, poor sorta-beagle. a friend of mine managed to get her dog to stop minding the cone so much by making herself a cone out of newspaper and wearing it to hang around the house - depending on how much dignity you're willing to sacrifice, it might help!


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