Friday, September 05, 2008

Pondering skip-based fearless happy…

A bitch woke up this morning feeling all kinds of down.

I’m a wee bit under the weather...all kinds of stress-based drama are going on…and my ass is nervous as hell over just about everything.


Anyhoo, I was driving to work…the radio was on and September came over Miss SisterGirl Cabrio’s speakers.

And there I was, sitting at a red light and absently watching a crew of grade school chil’ren skip their way up the sidewalk towards school and it struck me that their kind of happy shouldn’t be fleeting.

Skip-based fearless happy…that emotion that hovers between concern and absolute joy…shouldn’t be a privilege.

Do you feel me?

I’m talking about the hope that today is going to be a good day…that they’ll serve pizza and grape soda pop for lunch (wink)…optimism, damn it.

Yeah, that.

The light switched.

The song faded away with horns blasting.

And this bitch was grateful for the random way my mind reminds me of certain shit.

No matter how much The Man tries to distract and redirect, politics and elections are about our quality of life and the lives of those we care for live.

That is so easy to forget amidst the glitz and declarations…the spin and promises.

Mmmhmmm, and this bitch’ll take skip-based fearless happy over the politics of fear any day…

...with pizza and grape soda for lunch for all!


The Lazy Iguana said...

And now you understand the reason for owning a boat!!

You can leave it all behind. Really. The city becomes just a few buildings on the horizon. There are no cars. There are no trains. There are no annoying people.

And all you have done is go 4 or 5 miles offshore.

Meesh said...

I love when the universe reminds you of its irony, its pleasantries, its hope.

Make it a corn dog and grape soda and then I'll skip.

Anonymous said...

This bitch feels you girlfriend. Every time I get that feeling of fearless joy, I get the urge to punch a boy because I think hes cute then giggle about it to my fellow Bitches.

Our Joy grew from Fearless Joy to Fearless Bitchitude.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Me 'n Dave Chappelle cosign with you on the grape drink.

aris said...

I am going to cosign as well.

dgun said...

> Skip-based fearless happy

Oh, I like that.

And yeah Shark-Fu, I feel ya.

J said...

Ah, skip based fearless happy...when was the last time I felt that? Sigh.

Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me Shark Fu. ;)

♥ CG ♥ said...

Girl, not only do I feel ya but we must've been listening to the radio at the same time. Read a few emails that ticked me off with some nonsense, headed out to grab some coffee and September came on. It pushed me out of a Friday morning funk. Not to the point of skipping but it did take my mind back to a time when life was easy breezy :).

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker here and I'd just like to say: Shark-Fu, I love you and you rule! Your blog always makes me feel good and/or better. And I've been thinking, too, about skip-based fearless happy-hood of youth lately. A lot! We get little snippets of it as adults, but we have to figure out how to get more. Pizza and grape soda sound good to me. And I'm going to go download "September". I *heart* that song. Take care, you, your sister and your brother. You are such a gifted writer and a cool person. I had to let you know.

Suzanne said...

thank you for the reminder to be skip fearless happy. gotta keep our zen on and not let the forkers push our fear buttons.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Young children are a direct pipeline to "absurd good news" - they haven't learned to hate yet. My babies wake me from my delusion all the time. By the way, in New Orleans it's pronounced "chirrens"
Nice post

D. G. Habersang said...


[orders pie with everything]

[grabs pop from the fridge]


The Lazy Iguana said...

Are you watching Ike? The models are taking it on a path towards the general NOLA area.

The Empress said...

I remember those days... the days when you got the occasional soda... the Strawberry soda from the Safeway was my favorite... I miss the days when life's ultimate pleasure was a can of soda on a hot day.

BobE said...

First time visitor to your blog, directed here by my friend MC who found your words very inspiring yesterday.

My "skip-based fearless happy"/"September" story happened last night. My wife and I were at fundraiser for our local public library. Frankly, the event was sort of dull. Then the DJ put on "September."

I met my wife in high school on the "21st night of September". It was one of the best days of my life. In the morning I got my braces off, in the afternoon I scored the only goal in a 1-0 soccer game against our school's arch rival, and in the evening I met the woman I'd eventually marry at a school dance. Let's just say that when you are 14 years old, one of these things can make your day, let alone all 3!

So "September" became "our" song back in the day. And it still means a lot to us.

So sitting there at this sort of dull event last night, we got up and danced. For me, at least, dancing in and of itself is a great way to make me happy. But seeing the smile on my wife's face as we sang along with the song, made me "skip-based fearless happy."

Saurium said...

Good afternoon! Boa Tarde!

My name is Saurium and i´m a portuguese.

I like this blog.


Carlos Vilafanha said...

Great blog.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Sending a fist-bump and hope for so many more fearless happy days ahead. Keep on bitchin' and workin'-we're gonna get there, I just know it!
Cheers! YT

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