Monday, May 25, 2009

Even as years fold into decades...

I have so many memories of Memorial Day.

My father, rest his soul, and I would spend Memorial Day watching documentaries, discussing history and remembering that war touches civilians and soldiers, families and friends and towns and communities.

Remembering that war touches everything…everyone…all.

My father was born as Hitler invaded Poland, a young teen during the Korean Conflict and a man who watched too many friends taken by Vietnam.

As a result, he raised his children to question war and work toward peace…even as he shared how much he got out of his service in the Air Force…even as he would turn and walked away, unable to share his memories of friends lost to war who have been dead longer than they drew breath in life.

So today I remember decades of war interrupted by moments of peace…

…the women and men, civilians and soldiers, who lived through it all.

And those who didn’t. Those who are loved so much that years from now a friend or loved one will turn and walk away...just shake their head and press their lips together, as if will alone could keep the storm of emotion inside...turn and walk away, unable to form the words to share their remembrance of someone who will have been gone longer than they drew breath in life.

Never forgotten...even as years fold into decades.


ouyangdan said...


Beautifully put.

Thank you.

Mari said...

...and we won't forget, I promise you!

BrotherGee said...

Very thoughtful post, Shark Fu. Your father is to be commended for sowing the seeds of skepticism and "peace-lovingness" (no such word, I know).

Wars are fought for the Benefit of a Few and the Tragedy of Many. We Honor those who naively gave their all in the name of "duty" and we hope that when they return to live again, they will not allow another to tell them when and where to Die.

Poignant post. Take care.

~~ G

David Duff said...

Amen to that. And eloquently put, if I might say so.

(I might return here from time to time and because I have severe doubts as to whether or not we could agree on the time of day, I thought I would at least start on this note of harmony!)

Anonymous said...

Everyone else has said it already ... Beautiful and poignant. This blog is a wonderful touchpoint for everyday people who have something to contribute and QUESTION AUTHORITY.

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